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Gaza Emergency Appeal

13 January 2009

* Food items for 5000 emergency family food parcels purchased from West Bank
* 1,000 emergency family food parcels packed for central Gaza, ready for distribution
* Medical disposables and kits being purchased

12 January 2009delivering hygiene packs

* Approximately 500 family hygiene kits, family food packs and blankets distributed to three different UNRWA shelters

08 January 2009

* 1,000 hygiene packs distributed to UN Schools for families taking shelter

* 1,500 emergency food packs distributed to families

* Coordination with other aid agencies on the ground to ensure effectiveness

07 January 2009

* Islamic Relief delivered 3 ambulances and an ICU unit through the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt blankets for the hospital

* Blankets distributed to hospitals in Khan Younis

* 1,000 hygiene packs have been purchased for schools distribution

* 10 trucks carrying powder milk are currently queuing to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing

5th January 2009

* arranging delivery of food to desparate families Islamic Relief is continuing to work in Gaza following the Israeli ground operations, despite the increasingly difficult security situation.

* Emergency food supplies for 5000 families has been purchased and packed, ready for distribution.

* Emergency food supplies has been purchased for Gaza’s smaller hospitals

2nd January 2009

* delivering supplies to shifa hospitalIslamic Relief reached its initial fundraising target of $3 Million. However, due to the ongoing crisis and severe need of further funds, the Gaza Crisis Appeal has been raised to $10 Million.

* Four trucks of food aid has been delivered to the main Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. The food aid included flour, rice, beans, tinned meat and fish.

* $270,000 worth of medical equipment has been purchased in West Bank and will be delivered to Gaza through the World Health Organisation’s coordination

1st January 2009

Islamic relief volunteer visiting the injured in hospital to find out what is required mostThe World Health Organisation (WHO) have been given permission to access Gaza on behalf of aid agencies, therefore Islamic Relief will be able to transport aid into Gaza with the WHO. Today, 1000 additional blankets have been distributed to hospitals. Locally, food is available but to expensive for many to buy. We buy the food and distribute it in emergency food packs.

31 December 2008 Islamic Relief’s Emergency Response:

Islamic Relief has confirmed that the passage of relief items through the Egyptian border to Gaza has been approved. Some relief items have already entered into Gaza through this route.

Five trucks of medical supplies have been delivered to Gaza’s main Al Shifa hospital. The following medical tools have been delivered to the hospitals:
Laporatomy sponges, Gauzes, VICRYL, Hypodermic needles, Splint Kramers, Latex sterille surgical gloves, Endotracheal Tubes oral and Bandage plaster of paris with quantities and various sizes.

Islamic Relief hosted a coordination meeting with the World Health Organisation and all other NGO’s operating in Gaza to ensure effective response to the crisis.

Islamic Relief’s needs assessment team in coordination with the Gaza Ministry of Health have prepared the following list of the urgent medical tools and equipments needed.

* 1 mobile X-ray machine
* Maintenance of the existing 5 sterilization machines.
* 5 new central sterilization machines.
* 500 oxygen cylinders
* ICU beds, Fully equipped
* 5 Anastasia machines
* 100 sringe pump
* 100 Infusion pump
* 5 Operations tables with their lights for opening new operation rooms
* 10 Blood Gas machine with its converter
* 30 normal beds
* 5 Intensive Care ambulances
* Normal ambulances (where 40 % of existing are depreciated)
* More generators for the hospitals (KVA 200, KVA100, KVA 50, KVA 600)
* 5 Washing machines for clothes and other drying machines for Gaza Strip ICUs

 The costs of some of the above items are:

Emergency First Aid Kit

Family Food Parcel

Water Sterilization & Hygiene Kit

Temporary Shelter

Hospital Bed

Baby Incubator


ICU Ambulance


Islamic Relief has launched an emergency appeal to raise £2 million to purchase urgent medical supplies and humanitarian aid to assist civilians in the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

Hundreds have been killed and injured following a massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli fighter jets.

Aid workers report a scene of desperation in Gaza : “This is the worst situation I have ever seen in Gaza . I visited a hospital and there were bodies outside and people crying. Buildings are totally destroyed. It’s really horrific. We are working now to get aid to the hospitals” said Hatem Shurrab, Islamic Relief aid worker in
Gaza .

Islamic Relief is one of the largest aid agencies working on the ground in Gaza and has begun distributing emergency medical supplies and equipment, as the immediate needs include medical disposables and first aid kits.

Your help is urgently needed, please donate generously

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From 2004-2010, Suhaib Webb studied at the world’s preeminent Islamic institution of learning, Al-Azhar University, in the College of Shari`ah. During this time, after several years of studying the Arabic Language and the Islamic legal tradition, he also served as the head of the English Translation Department at Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah.

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