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  • Very thought provoking as usual by one of the best true intellects out there today. Now Imam Suhaib we need Dr. Sherman Jackson coming in doing the same with his Black American looking into who Muslims need to pay attention to that too.
    Am a Somali but i need to hear more of bro. Sherman Jackson on his outlook for Muslims and “black American” if you still recognize that.

    • Asalamu alaykum,


      Agreed. Dr. Jackson is certainly someone I have a lot of love and respect for. Every time I see him, I leave with a full cup of thoughts and ideas that carry with me for a long time. I love him dearly and think, with the right support, he could be a major voice for two communities: the AA community and the Muslim one.


  • Assalamu Alaykum

    Cool video. I think the most important point he made was about accountability and how black people need to hold Obama accountable.

    Pretty good video.


  • AS,

    It is interesting to reflect upon the point of people not showing biases and using constructive criticism towards their brother and/or leader. With all the disunity in the Muslim community, and in need of some serious leadership, I feel we are failing to hold the ones we have accountable. At least in the circles I am in, I can already see the formation of “yes-men” and/or because they may be close to a Da’ee, he can never be wrong. As is narrated from Ibn Hazm rahimahullah “Anyone who criticizes you cares about your friendship. Anyone who makes light of your faults cares nothing about you.”

    1) It is interesting to believe that our President is seen as “African-American”. I still have serious trouble with this due to my observations in our American society (among white and black populations). First of all…he has a white (?) mother. Second of all, he has an EAST AFRICAN father? Now, I know of NOBODY who would think of a SOMALI as an example, as an AFRICAN-AMERICAN? In the black community, this person would be seen as African first, and Somali second. Feel me? Even according to our government’s affirmative action, he would not technically be supposed to be under the category of “AA”. Why? For the same reason a 2nd generation Nigerian is not considered AA… African-American is considered one whose ancestry has reaped the effects of slavery. (This was actually told to me by a Professional school admissions interestingly enough).

    Someone will play the card of him having the “African American experience” which would be fine, just as much I, a Vietnamese, or Puerto Rican could in America….but they wouldn’t call them as “African-American Presidents”.

    2) This was also a production for “The Program for Jewish Civilation”. <—nothing against that…just though it was random to see at the end.

  • Asalamu alaykum,

    An interesting article would be for someone in our community to compare and contrast Rev. jeremiah write and Imam Luqman Abdullah (ra). Both were in similar situations and called for many of the same things.
    Anyone who’s down, holla at me:

    suhaibdwebb [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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