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What Muslims Should Sound Like

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Every day, it seems, more and more negative images of Islam and Muslims pour into our media.  It’s not too hard to imagine what words come to mind when our fellow Americans think of our religion, and we can see around us the effects of our inaction.  We don’t tell our stories in an engaging way and we don’t always know how to reach out to our friends and neighbors.  In this khutbah, Haroon Moghul turns to two instances from the life of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, to suggest how Muslims might more intelligently and compassionately become part of America’s conversations.

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  • Ma sha Allah. He is a very good speaker, and very intelligent. Why can’t someone like him go on TV to represent Muslims?

    Those two incidents, Abyssinia and Hudaybia, are very important. I believe that hadith and sirah need to be studied together and synthesized. The brother is right when he says some Muslims use hadith as weapons, and often out of context. Hadiths are like a snap shot in the life of the Prophet SAW, and the sirah is the big picture. We should ask: how does this hadith fit into the big picture? Allah knows best.

  • “Ja’far explained Islam in the spirit of building friendship and a common bond. He started with what the Muslims and the Christians had in common. He understood that his goal was not to one-up the Makkans, or win a debate, but to win peace and security for his people, and he stayed focused on his goal.”

    Very wise.

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