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Time Well Spent…Profile of a Muslim American Woman: Sr. Aishah Schwartz

By Sr. Aishah Schwartz

Ms. Aishah Schwartz is an American revert to Islam born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, who made her Shahada (profession of faith) at the conclusion of a Jummah Prayer service on April 19, 2002, at The World Bank in Washington, D.C.; roughly 17-months after meeting the first person she had ever known in her then 41-years, to be Muslim.

One year after taking Islam as her religion of choice, Ms. Schwartz retired from her then 22-year career as a legal assistant, in order to dedicate herself to a commitment she made as a Christian (raised Baptist), at the age of 19, to serve God – thus, she has endeavored to fulfill that mission, for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, through an ever-widening range of projects.

In her more recent capacity as a writer and copy-editor with MAS Freedom (MASF), the civic and human rights advocacy entity of the Muslim American Society (MAS), Aishah Schwartz serves as the ‘behind-the-scenes’ person who pulls together the news (some of which she writes herself), which is then uploaded to the MAS/MASF website, and then reformatted for distribution through the organizational e-list.

Ms. Schwartz also provides graphic materials, i.e., flyers/posters, logos, slideshow presentations, etc. for various MAS/MASF related campaigns, i.e., she created the signs used in the 2007 MASF March on Washington and for rally’s in support of justice in the Palestinian territory held in front of the Israeli Embassy in D.C.

If you scroll down through the ‘Take Action’ section of the MAS/MASF website, a large part of the visual work you will see there, and inside the articles themselves, consists of flyers, logos, and photographs either made by or taken by Ms. Schwartz – anywhere you note a gap in graphic material, means she was on a plane taking one of her oft-written about journey’s. Ms. Schwartz has been working with MAS/MASF on-and-off since 2003 (Pictured Here at a MASF Press Conference).

Ms. Schwartz is also responsible for the creation and administration/editing of a blog set up for MAS Freedom’s Civil and Human Rights Director, Ibrahim Abdil-Mu’id Ramey – Voice of Reason.

All of that is just Ms. Schwartz’s ‘day job’ – she also moonlights as Founder and Director of Muslimah Writers Alliance, a project launched in 2006 dedicated to the support, growth and development of Muslim Women writers, founded in January 2006.

Saudi Arabia was home to Ms. Schwartz for a year (2004-05), that found her blessed with the opportunity to perform Umrah 7 times, to mark her birthday in 2005 with the first day of Hajj, and gave her the chance to visit Jeddah, Riyadh, and Madinah. She has also cumulatively spent 13-months living in Egypt, and has also visited Pakistan, Morocco and Jordan, however, surprisingly she has yet to learn Arabic!

Ms. Schwartz is also a member of the National Association of Women Writers, National Association of Muslim Lawyers, Muslim American Journalists Association, and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Even with such a full agenda, all-in-all, Ms. Schwartz considers the past five in Islam as time well spent.

Additional projects of Aishah Schwartz include:

A place providing information on Islam and containing a catalogue of articles written about my journeys since becoming Muslim in 2002.

Dedicated to the support, growth and development of Muslim Women writers, founded in January 2006.

A place where I can pause for the cause once in a while.

In recognigion of achievements of Muslim Women their communities and lives.

An ongoing project in support of guardianship and other reforms related to women in Saudi Arabia, triggered by a news article from August of 2006 reporting on the forced divorce of Fatima and Mansour Al-Timani.

A project that help secure the continued use of a designated prayer space for women in view of the Kaba inside the mosque at Mecca.

In-depth biographical information on Ms. Schwartz can be found at Muslimah Writers Alliance and at Naseeb Vibes.

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  • Salam alaikum,
    Subhanallah, she is truly inspiration for every Muslim woman. May Allah bless her and her work inshAllah.
    Jazakallah kol khair for this short biography of her.

    Many salaams from Bosnia

  • Assalam o Alaikum,
    I was doing some research on “pictures in islam” topic and i came across your website. I think i have found a very interesting and amazing place today in the form of your site. Since it is very late so i won’t write much today but i will surely come again to drop my detail comments and feedback and would like to introduce myself as well.
    I am really happy to see such progressive and better informed Muslims like you. May Allah have mercy on us all. And yea i forgot to say that Ayesha is truly impressive lady. I have to do some research on her before finally sleeping for the night.
    Regards from Pakistan

  • Assalamu Alaikum,

    I received an offline message tonight when I opened YM and it said, “I just read about you on Suhaib Webb’s blog.” So, I dropped by – what a surprise! Jazakallahu khayran for posting this – I don’t know what else to say – *blushing*.

    For those interested, there is a version of the article on the MAS website that includes numerous links.

    Readers can find it here:


  • Wa Salams,
    As i have said Ayesha, i did read alot about you that day before sleeping and today i came back to check this site and am really happy to see that you are an active user as well. May Allah guide us as well. Ameen

  • Bismillaah

    As Salaamu ‘alaykum and peace to all,

    Sister Aishah is the person who has given me my first break as a writer. When i started writing, i had literally zero with a big-O and alhamdulillaah, Allaah has answered my prayer when i crossed path with her. Her genuine concern, love and care for sisters in MWA (Muslimah Writers Alliance) is phenomenal, mashaAllaah.

    I truly pray for her success in everything that she does, Ameen. Love ya sis!

    Sis Zabrina

  • Wa’Alaikum Assalamu wa Rahmatuallahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Ya Habibty! As always you are most generous and too kind! *hug*

    Jazakallahu khayran for your continued sincerity and support.


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