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  • imam suhaib how is it possible to contact you direct?
    i pray that it becomes possible bcos i urgently need your help & advice.
    i have been trying to practice islam for about 5/6 years but recently i have become so weak in my faith that it scares me. i dont ever want to lose my faith but things have been going wrong for me for about 10 years now i feel ive been let down by evryone iv known recently including my parents. but iv always got through bcos i relied on Allah Ta’ala but now things have become worse & so many negative questions are popping into my head. sometimes i cant control it. i realy dont know what to do & how to overcome this? please will you help me. i didnt want to leave my name but iv left my e-mail addrs if you find time to contact me insha’allah.

  • salam brother, i have listen to your talks, and i pray inshAllah i participate in one. will you be visiting the uk(london) anytime soon?if so please give info where.may Allah bless you for your work and help for the umma.wasalam.

  • فضيلة الشيخ صهيب وفقه الله لكل خير
    سلام الله عليك وعلى جميع السلمين ممن هم قربك ورحمته وبركاته.
    أنا فقط أريد أن أعبر لفضيلتكم عن إعجابي بماتقومون به في حقل الدعوة، فلذا أكتب لفضيلتكم لأعبر لكم عن تقديري وإعجابي ولا أجد العبارات …فلا أملك إلا أن أقول
    “أحبك في الله” ، وأسأل الله العلي القدير أن يجمعنا في دار كرامته ، وفي مستقر رحمته.”
    أخوك المحب: مداح بشير

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