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As Salaamu ‘alaykum and peace to all,

This is an introductory post for a brand new column at I am Sister Zabrina A. Bakar, a Life Storyteller, the author of Life is an Open Secret ( and also a motivational and inspirational writer/speaker, inshaAllaah.

This column is specially dedicated to Muslims who are looking for motivational stories based on our daily life occurrences, inshaAllaah. These stories aim to motivate and inspire us in becoming better Muslims and have a deeper understanding of our Deen which in turn, lead us to earn His Love, Blessings, Mercy and His Paradise as our eternal abode. Ameen.

Enjoy the stories!

Salaam and peace

Sis Zabrina~ Life Storyteller ~Sis Zabrina is a Life Storyteller, motivational writer and speaker; and author of Islamic motivational book Life is an Open Secret which contains 18 inspirational stories from ordinary life experiences. She passionately writes about life daily happenings, viewed and analyzed from unique perspective, blended with the Qur’anic verses and Hadeeth of the Prophet SAW for solutions to illustrate the easiness, simplicity, relevancy and completeness of Islam to today’s world. Her works are published in various countries across the Muslim world. She maintains an active blog at

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  • As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. A sister friend of mine has given me one of your CD series Purification of the soul.

    AlhamdulliAllah, Listening to this tape has given me another sense of things and it also made me aware of the Shayitans and made me stronger in my concentration. AlhamulliAllah.

    At this time I would like to know how I can contact you to make a request for you to attend The Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah home 2nd annual fundraising dinner.

    wa salaam w anur


  • Radio Suhaib Is Back ! Excellent Alhumdullilah! I was in the middle of a gripping lecture when it got take down. …Gripping in the depth of the knowledge and the desire to listen carefully so that I could implement it and share with others.

    Not sure where to leave this comment!

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

  • Asslamoualaikoum

    Through all the websites I came across, none talked about animals in islam.
    I mean, what are their roles, importance, gratitute, when they die where do they go, the thereafter for them.
    Being a lover of cats, I would like to know about all these information.
    hope you can help me with this particular topic because nowadays we see lots of people who prays 5 times per day, a good muslim, but do not treat animals well. The prefer throwing a food away than giving it to a stray animal as their only excuse is because they will come back again the other day.
    Is this what islam taught us!? No!
    Brother Shuaib, hope you can write something about this.
    Jazaak Allah.

  • As Salam Alaikum,

    How does one go about sending a private message to Br. Suhaib? I have some questions that would like some advice on. JAK.

  • Asalamualaikum,

    I was also wondering how to contact Br.Suhaib.

    I have a question regarding voting;
    Many muslims talk about voting in non muslim countries (i.e. the UK) being haram (the democracy is shirk/ participating makes u sinful argument), but I have serious problems with this!
    Its because of mentalities like these that anti Islamic racist biggots (i.e. Borris Johnson with regards to the London mayoral elections) get in to power, and surely- not voting- only causes problems for us?

    Some scholars argue that voting is infact halaal, saying we should make life easier for ourselves and our brothers abroad via voting for the “lesser evil”- which I totally agree with.
    However- I was wondering if Br.Suhaib (or anyone really) could give detailed comment with reference to the Quran and Sunnah?

  • What is the ruling on receiving student loans with interest and using it only for school. I heard that some scholars say it is permissible.

  • Assalamu alaikum,

    I am trying to contact Br. Suhaib Webb in hopes that he’ll be available to speak at the fundraiser in late June for the Sacramento Chapter of Why Islam. We are raising funds for our upcoming Why Islam Dawah Booth at the California State Fair in August. We are supported by ICNA, CAIR, and the Shura Council of all the Sacramento Masjids. I’m not sure if Br. Suhaib is at MCA in Santa Clara or at Al-Azhar University so Insha’Allah if this message reaches him I humbly request him to consider it if he’s available. Thank you,



  • Asalaamu calaykum warax maaahiwabarakaatuhu
    i have question and hope i will answer for it .
    my question is the different between shica and suni ? they all say that they are muslim yet they are different . what is it that they don’t agree each other

    jazaakalaahu khayran

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