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  • This site is a great portal to knowledge and interaction. I look forward to submitting an article and getting it published soon Insha’Allah (God willing).

    I would like to recommend one thing off the bat; PLEASE remind authors of articles and user comments to always include in paranthesis the meaning of Arabic terms. Along with that; article titles should have the translation as well.

    There was a recent article title for example; “Is Qasidah Burdah Shirk”..the only word recognized by most is the word ‘Is’.

    We need to remind ourselves that MANY non-Muslims, those interested in Islam, and even people who are Muslims who may not be on the same practice/knowledge level as other Muslims…come to this site for knowledge.

    May Allah (The One God) guide and reward all of us in our sincere efforts.

    • Wa`alaykum asalam,

      JazakAllahu khayr for your comment.

      At, we always strive to provide translation for arabic terms in our articles. Our editorial process insures that we provide translation so that all of our readership can benefit from our articles and increase their islamic literacy.

      In the off-chance that one or two terms are not translated by mistake, we would be happy to answer any question in our comments section. We also might not include the translation of a word in a title if the length of the title does not permit. However, that term will be defined in the article.

      We also have a glossary for our readers to reference in the case that they need clarification or a more detailed definition for a word. This can be found here:

    • Thank you for this recommendation. I am a convert who knows virtually no Arabic and I get so weary of trying to read an article–in English!–and not being able to understand the main points because of the liberal use of Arabic terms and phrases.

      May Allah remind us all that not everyone knows Arabic!

      • thank you, this is true because I’m a new muslimah convert, and people don’t understand that everybody does not know arabic which makes it very hard to pray and receive the benefit. this makes a person frustrated-very!

  • With regard to cross-posting on other sites – does that apply to only other ‘professionally-run’ sites (e.g. Or personal blogs as well?

    If the latter, when WOULD you consider publishing something that was already published on a personal blog?

  • Question for Web Counselors and Scholars, Can I get advice on the proper way of marrying a non-Muslim woman ? What are the parameters and can I get advice on how to continue being Muslim while married to someone who may or may not become Muslim ?

    Thank you

  • Assalamualaikum Imam, I have a question relating to economic. A few days ago the Fatwa Council in Malaysia stated that trading in FOREX IS Haram. What triggers me is that if a big company is enlisted in Wall Street as it is part and foremost the trigger mechanism of Forex right? so What question me is the money that the company got and given to the employees. There ought to be muslims working in the company, thus what is the status of the money? Please comment on this issue. I really am curious.

  • Salam,
    How long does the reviewing process take; will we be notified if our submission was reviewed and will not be posted on the website?

    • wa`alaykum assalam,

      The process has many steps and the first is that you’ll be notified once it’s reviewed as to whether or not it will be published. If you have submitted an article and haven’t received a response yet, we will notify you shortly.

      JazakyAllahu khayr

  • i want to know about the money which invest in the share market from dat the profit will come that is haram or halal

    in some banks(ICICI) they are investing our money in share marketing dat z right or wrong ?plz give me answer

  • Alhamdulillah…for technology…that we can now share knowledge and Islamic matters and discussions just like here. May Allah Ta’ala accept our efforts and bless all those involved in this website. Amin. Juma’h Kareem

  • Assalamu ‘Alaikum

    I find your articles quite interesting and helpful. I’m wondering if you are allowing translations of your articles in another language and let them publish in their own website…

    if so please let me know.

  • Sallam alykum,

    I wanted to know if you accepted posts in the form of videos? As I am a spoken word poet and wanted to publish some work on the site.

    JzkAllah 5eyran

  • Since we are in month of Ramadan I was under the impression that we are to fast with no drink or food. What I had found that other muslims are sleeping all the day and is up all the night to make fasting easier.

    This upsets me since I feel they are cheating with Allah in their fasting and not suffering as some of us who truly is fasting proper way.

    I am convert muslima of 5 years and honestly, this is my first fasting alone here and is hard due to the heat during the day and my family are Roman Catholic so they do not understand why I am doing this to what they say “Torture myself”. I tell them I ‘m fasting since this is Ramadan. In return I replied back “do you fast in your faith and why”? They sure were quiet immediately, I was trying to prove a point to them.

    I would like to know what is the proper way to fast since there are other muslims not doing as should to fast during the day but instead they used an excuse to sleep all the day.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Asalamua’laykum Christine!

      First off, I know it’s been 5 years, but welcome to Islam! And congratulations on your first ramadan! How exciting! 🙂

      Now for your comment and question, I completely know how you feel!
      I’m an American Muslim and I’ve spent all my Ramadans studying and living my regular life as I add fasting and prayer to my schedule to develop awareness of Allah (taqwa)! It was a surprise this year when I went to Saudi and people slept all day and stayed awake all night… and even in their staying awake they were using their nights for idle things and not i’badah.

      Now in principle, the best way to fast is the Prophetic way and that is to live your regular life, working by day, sleeping by night…and then fast during the day and pray as much as is easy during the night. This helps one to become faithful in God even after Ramadan since the daily routine is the same, with the exception of less food, drink, sex…and more prayer. If you do this, be certain you will be getting more rewards. There are many sahabah(righteous companions of the prophet) who said on their deathbed that one of the things they’ll miss most doing in life is fasting in LONG HOT DAYS and praying in LONG COLD DAYS! Say what?! Why would they say that? Aren’t they getting more “tortured” during those days?
      The statement they said is not the statement of any normal human…it’s the statement of someone who is in love with Allah. When one is in love with Allah, the suffering for the sake of Him is just another sweetness for them…the more sacrifice, the more they know Allah will be happy. So that is the state we should all be striving for-and I hope it motivates you to not worry about what your family says.

      Now, coming to a reality check, it is not haraam to sleep all day and wake up all night. The Fardh(obligation) is to fast period. Even the infamous taraweeh prayers at night are not an obligation. They may give a person who doesn’t do them less blessing and less forgiveness in Ramadan, but they won’t give a person a sin if they do it. It is unfortunate that in place like Saudi (where I’m visiting now) even a man who wants to do stuff in the day can’t, because it’s governmental law to have less hours and the market and the whole country is operating at night. I know I’ve pulled a few all nighters and ruined my day as well as my sleep schedule because of this…

      On a more deeper note, Muslims doing this globally is just a tall tell sign of where our faith has gone..people forget they fast, many only pray the night optional prayers and forget the others, and laziness when it comes to practicing islam is a norm…except for the minority who are proactive and product (alhamdulillah we have those people too!)

      Lastly, I would say, that you shouldn’t worry or judge or offend anyone on this issue… Only Allah knows their true spiritual status and end, and so we can’t judge that. Even a person who’s not a Muslim could be guided to islam and become better and more righteous than we think we are, and even if we did all the best deeds in the world Allah could punish us for our arrogance and throw the deeds out the window. The best approach is to
      #1 pray passionately and sincerely to Allah to “Guide US to the straight way, the way of those who have been bestowed by your favor, not those who have earned the anger nor those who went astray!” (dua’ of fatihah in prayer) If He, Glorious be He!, accepts this dua’ then you will see the changes in yourself and in the Muslims around you for sure, for He is truly able to do all things!
      #2 Second thing you should do is try to proactively find Muslims that are productive and actually seizing their ramadan and their life so even if others waste the gift of ramadan and the gift of islam, you don’t! 🙂

      May Allah reward you and accept all our fasts and prayers, Ameen 🙂
      -Your brother, Ahmad Saleem. []

      • Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

        Alhumdulillah for this post and your response dear brother. I too am a revert – this being my 10th Ramadan Alhumdulillah. I am currently visiting Lebanon, though not a Muslim country , I have been taken aback by this day becomes night and night becomes day phenomenon too. Along with the cultural Islam and all night TV shows etc. Alhumdulillah. Your post is very helpful brother. One thing I also realised is that because it is so hot people actually cannot do hat we would normally do during the day in say the UK or USA etc. taking the kids to the park etc is not really an option in such heat. Hence I have sort of come to understand why we see so many families with young children playing outside after Iftar or well into the early hours of the morning.

        Alhumdulillah. What I would say is so important is not to judge. Only Allah knows a persons eeman, status and closeness to Him swt.

        What we can do is try to make the best use of whatever time we have and encourage by and through our regular actions things that can help us and those around us to become closer to Allah inshaAllah. You never know what influence you may have and how any one of our deeds can impact or reminder others. And of course make sincere dua for all.

        May Allah make this the most successful Ramadan for each of us yet and may he accept it and all our dua, ibaadat and efforts. Ameen

      • Ahmed, thank you for your thoughts and views to help me understand and to realize of how the world we live in is different by culture as well how we were brought up by our upbringing.

        I also have other issues that really concerns me and need some guidance to find answers to my thoughts.

        I notice you put your email address next to that name . Am I have permission to contact you of my issues which you might able to guide me to direction needed.

        I need some clear understanding to give my mind some peace.

        Since you are an American Muslim as I am thought you might able to help see things clearly .

        Thank you for your time and your advice.

        • Salam, Sister Christine – I think that you can email the staff at info[at]suhaibwebb[dot]com, I have emailed before and got a reply from Imam Suhaib so give it a try and Inshallah they can help you, if you are still in need of an answer I would be willing to help if all else fails and if I know how to help!


  • Salam, Webb staff, I have prepared an article but would like to know how to set up the formatting with regards to referencing, fonts, box highlights etc or if the formatting is done by you brothers/sisters.


  • Assalamualiakkum,

    I have not seen a single website, who gives reply for each and every valid comments.

    May Allah reward you people abundantly.

  • Salam,
    I have gone through youq site and I became interested in what I have came across. Indeed, I want to be exchanging idears on the issues of muslim world today.
    May reward upon your good work to islam,amin.

  • As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Al hamdulillaah, I have benefited a lot from your website. May Allaah reward you for this effort.

    Jazaak Allaahu Khayr
    Umm Abdul Ahad

  • Assalamu alaikum,

    I would like to request suhaibwebb to provide free online quran classes also for kids like us. Its a very good site extremely good.

  • ASAK!
    I submitted an article on 8th March but did not get any response on that. I have resent it again today. Kindly let me know if its meeting your publication standards and would be considered for publication anytime or not.
    Jazak Allah 🙂

  • Assalamu alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatu, to all and particularly to my beloved imam suhaib and his staff. I am a malaysian and I have been following the imam’s program called reflection in my country.
    I would like ask the imam a question that has been bothering me for years. My question, I am a born muslim, do I have to qatha all the daily prayers that I did not perform when I was a jahil years ago? and also the fasting during ramathan which I did not do.

  • Assalamualaikum, i am a teenager and was born a Muslim but i am still learning about Islam. I have come across a website thats teachings are quite confusing. One of it is that hadith and salawat is wrong and a woman is not required to wear hijab. I did not accept this teaching and wanted to ask first because i was afraid it is false. It was different from the teachings i’ve heard before as i know that salawat is done during solah and hadith comes after Quran and of course women have to wear hijab . And because of the false teachings these days, i just wanted to know how to be sure that a hadith or anyone who is spreading things about Islam is the truth or not since there are Munafiq and Shia and such. Thank you

    • Assalamualaikum Danniessa<

      I checked out the website which you mentioned and at the very end of it says "Whenever you want to pursue the truth and verify anything you hear about Islam, we urge you to please use THE ONLY VALID AND DEVINE source of Islam, QURAN." My religious knowledge is quite limited also but if I were you I would just stick to Imam Suhaib Webb's Virtual Mosques site. The other site ( sounds a bit like an anti-hadith group to me. I hope Suhaib Webb's staff will give the best answer for you soon.

    • As Salamu Alaikum,

      I’d stay away from

      Its a sect founded by Rashad Khalifa – Khalifa believed that he was a Messenger of God and claimed to have found a ‘mathematical miracle’ in the Quran in based on the number 19 and its multiples.

      Unfortunately, two ayats of the Quran did not fit his numerical theory, so, he got rid of them to make is ‘own version.’

  • salaam, guys hope you’re well, n I sent an email to the web submission asking a simple question and i haven’t been replied to. Also how quickly does one know when their submission has been accepted or not so one can decide what to do with the piece.


    • assalamu `alaykum,

      We only post original articles so please feel free to submit any articles that have not been published on your blog.

  • Assalamu Alaikum Warahamatullah.

    Please help me out of this, if a muslim woman fix a wigs i mean antificial hair,is her salat accepted?

  • Hi there

    I have a website related to healthy eating, nutrition and fitness and I am interested in buying a link on your site.

    Are you interested in something like this?

    If so, please let me know your price, etc

    By the way, nice site! 🙂

    Hope to hear from you.


  • Assalamualaikom imam suhaib. How to contact you if i were to seek your help in new york. I have a prolem with a close relative who is a jehovah witness. How to approach him..?

  • Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    I am a convert to Islam. It has recently come to my attention the importance of being named after my Father. My parents separated when I was young and coincidently I bear my mother’s maiden surname. My father also took his mother’s maiden surname at a young age. I am therefore uncertain if I should change my surname to that of my Grandfathers on my Dads side or the surname that my father was known by. I have 2 small children and before changing our names I want to be sure I am doing the right thing. Can you please offer some direction?

    JazakAllah Khairun

  • salam arlekoum

    First I want to thank you for all you written because everything is true.
    I would like to share with you my experience in my life.

    I was married for 18 years with kids now Alamdoulillah some of them are adults , during the first years I was a princess for my husband and him too for me, after few years he changed completely because bad relations with his friends and unfortunately they were muslims.

    I’ve divorced after 6 months I was unhappy , I’ve called him and he told me “baby I miss you so much what do you think if we get back each other ? I told him yes , believe me it was a DISASTER , I couldn’t recognize him , he was a stranger , one day I said to myself “look you cried day and night you were unhappy single and now you cry while you are married, I spent 3 years of suffering at the end he told me “I DESERVE BETTER THAN YOU SO I LEAVE YOU TO GET A BETTER WOMAN ” it is like someone send you 100 knifes in the heart , I was thinking he had another woman in his life , all my family and friends told me ” do you think you deserve a man who treat you like that ? . I prayed ALLAH to help me , to understand what happened , after few months I told him when do you want leave ? he told me as soon as possible , I said it is ok pack your bags and leave for me I will never forgive you, you betrayed our marriage.




  • I am convert since 2007 but notice in all these years am getting wrong message from people and that they not help as they said would do. Meaning , I have asked other Muslim to help me to pray properly in Sunni way for Muslimah ,,,I get yes , ok no problem later we do it …No reply..
    I live in rural area not close to a mosque. I do not own a car and do not live near the bus line.. One time , I even called the mosque left message to have someone call me back . Still NO reply … It making me think twice if I made right decision of Converting in the First Place.
    Recently , I been thinking of giving up my life here in USA to move to Egypt solely to get what I needed the most to learn ISLAM and be surrounded by it and have guidance that I needed.
    But , I am torn due to I am concern due to what is happening in Mid East extremeist miss guided truth in Islam by going against the Humanity righteous way.
    Also, I feel guilty leaving my mother behind which I do have other siblings who can look out for her . My family religion is Catholic , I am only muslimah.
    I notice that when I read Quran, or learn how to do Salaat and recite of prayer I just get frustrated . I am seeking truth , be less stress, and wanted to be loved …It is lonely .
    No one visits me anymore , or call me on phone except my mother and sister. I am talking about friends whom I grew up with . I feel like an outcast and the adversity always go against me …When there be peace and calm in life that i seeking?
    But , My heart tells me Islam is the answer but why can I get where I need to be . I hear that if you pray to allah in salaat, recite prayer you will see peace, and good things come in your life.
    Presently, I am not see that I feel like I failed in front of Allah !!
    I need help…to be in right guidance and path that I supposed to be on.
    Any recommendation or website that can help me see clearly …
    Thank you for prompt reply

    • Assalamualaikum sister,
      Just a small write up for u. Allah is with you.

      There are many treasures inside the deep ocean. The one who wants to achieve them, jumps into it and takes them away. Love is also an ocean of fire and its treasure is THE MOST GRACIOUS LORD, THE MOST SACRED ENTITY himself. The one who wants to attain it, should jump into it without thinking. When he will reach deep inside swimming, then ALLAH, THE LORD OF THE TWO WORLDS will tell him, ” Oh MY beloved slave! Neither be scared nor be anxious, don’t lose your strength, when I am there with YOU, for whom have you jumped. I am above the ocean and I am below it also. Until you desire ME, every moment, every step, every sorrow, everywhere, MY beloved I am with you… You have to be strong only in MY love. I MYSELF, shall make you cross the path of loyalty of passion…”

  • I am watching porn from 18 now my age is 28, from past one week I decided I will not watch port. I can’t control my mind

  • Assalamualaikum brother Mohammed Rafeeq,

    Congratulations for deciding to stop. It’s a great beginning. Recently I attended an International Islamic Conference and one of the issues discussed was addiction to pornography. It’s sad that the age of addiction is getting younger and younger. The speaker, Brother Wail, suggested the following to tips:

    1. Seek the help of Allah the Almighty.
    2. Tell someone you trust who can properly guide/counsel/support you for the sake of Allah. It’s a very heavy burden to be carried alone.
    3. Eliminate any porn images from your home.
    4. Divide your goal to quit into smaller ones like one day at a time. Don’t expect to succeed overnight. It’s a process just like when you develop the habit.
    5. Don’t ever punish yourself if you relapse. Just pick up and move on.
    6. Develop new habit like sports, arts, community service, etc..
    7. Be honest when seeking help.
    8. Remind yourself of the consequences. Allah is watching us and all our actions will be recorded.
    9. Learn more about the history of (or those who are behind) this filthy industry.
    10. Check out a site named, an organization opposing to pornography and indecency.

    Everyone has his/her struggles in this temporary world and yours happens to be an addiction to pornography. Be strong brother and get closer to your Maker/Creator. I pray that you will succeed one day in sha Allah.

  • Jazaakallahu khairan katheeran wa jazaakallahu ahsanal jaza.

    You have indeed posted a wonderful article on aspiring to be Allah’s wali. This is the most wonderful reward anybody would ask for. May Allah accept us all. May he grant us Jannatul Firdaus, not for the beautiful mansions but only because it is the Jannah where we can be around our Prophet (s.a.w) and ALLAH (s.w.t) all the time.

    I love Allah very much and consider him as my best friend may he also accept my friendship and make me his friend too.


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