New CD Release: Purification of the Soul Suhaib Webb

Spirituality represents one of the most important aspects of the Muslim personality. Its relationship can be likened to that of the gasoline that powers a priceless automobile. The Muslim’s value and honor is completed and polished by his internal relationship with the Creator. This series seeks to strike and important balance between activism and spirituality. It presents spirituality in a practical, contemporary and easy to follow manner affecting people from different backgrounds, understandings and practices.

Imam Suhaib Webb has gathered and extensive amount of information related to this priceless topic and translates it in order to address our current lifestyles. It is an important addition in any home and will prove a priceless addition to anyone’s library.

Imam Suhaib Webb was born and raised in Oklahoma. He completed his early Islamic Studies there while working on his bachelors in Elementary Education. After completion of his degree he assumed the position of Imam at a local Islamic Center. Recently he moved to Santa Clara California to continue his work with The Muslim American Society. Currently, the Imam lives in Cairo where he studies Islamic Law at AI-Azhar University. He is married with two children. This Cd series contains eight Cds. For more information please click the image.

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