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  • Here’s a conversation I jsut had with my son:

    Musa: See that guy, his name is Suhaib Webb. Guess where he studies?

    Son: Where?

    Musa: Al Azhar University.

    Son: Really?! (Son previously went to an Al Azhar school in Egypt). Is he still alive?

    Musa: Yes, he’s around my age…. you know what, he used to be a gangster, and then he accepted Islam, and then he memorized the Quran, and then he went to study at Al Azhar.

    Son: A gangster, you mean with guns and drugs?

    Musa: Yeah.

    Son: Well who did he give his gun to?


  • Sh. Musa:

    That was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Well, I didn’t carry a gun but had to get rid of around 2000 records, my turntables, speakers, mixers and the whole lot. I took the money from selling those things and went and studied tajwid for a summer with a local scholar.

    Once I found an old mix tape I had made and said to myself, “One last listen.” I put the tape in and Pac started playing. Then, suddenly SNAP! The tape broke and I went back to memorizing my lessons.

    “Indeed, in that, there is a sign for those who ponder.”


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