Text your Questions Live to Imam Suhaib Today!

We will be having our live TEXT IN today from 3 pm – 5pm PST, insha’Allah. Please text your questions to (339) 200-9322 and Imam Suhaib will do his best to answer you. Please have sabr (patience) as there are a good number of questions and answering them is a trust.

Note: No calls or booking requests will be accepted during this session. To request Imam Suhaib as a speaker for your event, please visit the MAS Bay Area website.

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  • Can I post from Germany too?. Is it a mobilephone number? If yes, please write the phone code of your country infront of the number!

  • Salam ,
    Want to correct my self . I actually did get a delayed response from brother after i posted my comment as above .apparently we have to exercise patience here and wait for our turn.

    • do i have to resend the Questions next week? or will my prev. question be already in cue? jak.

      you want questions, we want answers.

      • I think it’s bad PR if you dont get to all the txt msging Q’s, like how likely will I be to use this service again to ask a Q if myself and several others didn’t get a reply? I suggest you schedule more time to answer every question, it’s only an hour window to submit anyways, just hang around for an extra hour or two to make sure every Q that was asked in that hour gets answered.

  • As Salamu Alaikum Brother Suhaib,

    I asked a question on preparing for serious Islamic study. If you are still getting to the question, then I don’t mind if it is posted as a general answer as I am sure plenty of other people have a similar question.

    Jazak Allahu khairan,
    Your Brother in Islam

  • Or, perhaps you could have sabar with your brother. I’m not sure what happened because I answered every question that was sent to me? Bad PR is not something that really worries me. What is of more concern is to do our best to serve our community even in the face of those who are ungrateful or do not appreciate that people take time to serve them. Inshalalh, this service will continue and we will do our best to answer your questions. Inshallah, in the future we will have a call in number where you can actually talk to different scholars and writers who serve this website. Your nasiha is truly important, but your understanding is as well.


  • Salaam alaikum Imam Suhaib,

    Alhamdullilah I think a lot of us benefit from the ability to have our pressing questions answered in a private and safe environment. Jazak Allahu khair for taking the time to do this each week, hopefully a few impatient comments are not going to discourage you from continuing, I know a few folks (myself included : ) who are really happy for the opportunity!

  • Assalaamu alaykum
    Somehow I didn’t see this post last week so I missed the opportunity to text a question. It is not clear if this will be a weekly event. Is that true? Whenever you do it again, I am sure many people will feel very grateful insha’Allah (I would).

  • Beast man Shaykh Suhaib! Al Hamdulilah, man, I wish you were in Chicago jo! All the YM bros wish that. But don’t worry, were all making dua for you that your job becomes easy for you and that people are more understanding.

    You know, a lot of the questions people ask I guarantee can be found in the archives of articles in this website. Indeed, this is a virtual mosque. So before we ask questions, we should try to look through the website first, and if it is not there or if you didn’t understand the article, then go to Shaykh Suhaib.

    Inshallah I’m going to submit a form for you Shaykh Suhaib so that you can come by and chill with us YM guys for even a day. I pray to Allah you can just chill with us YM guys.

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