The Rising Generation: A Young People’s Movement

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The Rising Generation: A Young People’s Movement! calls upon every MAS Youth Worker to come together for a weekend of training, bonding, deep understanding and acquiring of leadership skills.

Youth leaders will attend a wide-array of sessions designed to address the many aspects of youth work, in which they will experience eye-opening discussions, night prayers, team-building sessions, skill-based workshops, and insha’Allah an overwhelming spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Wondering why you should attend the CAM 2010?

· To understand the role of MY in moving young people
· To develop the skills required to move young people
· Understand the role of MY in moving young people
· To be cognizant of the challenges facing moving young people and learn how to overcome them
· To inspire the audience by dreaming of the potential and the possibilities that can happen WHEN the youth move
· To develop an action plan of how MY will play an active role in moving young people

We are calling to action all MAS Youth workers to be part of a Movement, not just a Moment.

It will be a weekend packed with networking, intense discussions, challenges, and trainings that you wont want to miss!

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  • I wish I could go! My school schedule in Egypt does not permit me…Brothers and sisters, if you have a chance, don’t miss out! My heart and duas are with everyone, May Allah fill it with success, and make this gathering a reason for your names to be mentioned by Him (swt). May He allow the Islamic workers to have their minds, bodies, and souls revived in this effort, with the ukhuwwah ever stronger as well! Can’t wait to read about how it went! May Allah guide us all, and guide others through us, and make us all reasons for people’s guidance.

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