Hot Topics Miscellaneous – How Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry, and misinformation

Smearcasting documents the public writings and appearances of Islamophobic activists and pundits who intentionally and regularly spread fear, bigotry and misinformation in the media. Offering a fresh look at Islamophobia and its perpetrators in today’s media, it also provides four snapshots, or case studies, describing how Islamophobes manipulate media in order to paint Muslims with a broad, hateful brush. [download full report]

Excellent website which exposes and uncovers the Islamophobes:

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  • Yeah, I always found Sean Hannity, robert spencer, Horowitz (whose filled with horror), and Michael Savage (who is too busy talking about the savage nations rather to realize he is a savage himself) to be one of the biggest enemy not only to muslims but to the common people who seek the truth in this country.

  • mark steyn a syndicated columninst for McClean’s mag in canada has been awarded a slap on the wrist by the human rights commission in canada which threw out the case of stoking fear and hatred against muslims in general lodged by three law students from osgoode school (khurram, muneeza and naseem) last year. they brought the motion against the magazine after finding a pattern of controversy reporting and villification of muslims in more than twenty two articles without any chance for rebuttal. the human rights commission censured the magazine for using their space to stir baseless suspicion but stopped short of human rights abuse so as not to offend the freedom of speech defenders. from the publications of cartoons and video (fitna) in denmark to the controversial book debasing the wive of the prophet, the free media stood behind their right to abuse and hate, as if some sensibilities are questionable than others.

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