Imam Suhaib’s Ramadan Advice (Audio)

Like a dear friend visiting us after a long absence, the month of Ramadan is now knocking on the door of our hearts. What can we do to welcome this beloved guest? How can we be gracious hosts and enrich our lives through this month? In this rebroadcast of Al-Madina Institute’s teleconference call, Imam Suhaib Webb speaks on what goals we should have and what we can do to make the most of our opportunities in this holy month.

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  • بِسمِ اللهِ الَّرحمٰنِ الَّرحيم

    Asalamon alaykom

    Im a 12 year old boy living in Canada. I am a shia. I have just been baliq. I have just hit puberty. My dad says that i need to find a folower. He folows imam vahid in Iran my home country. I have listend to ur lectures they were really nice. I want to follow u. I really want to know how to do that. I also want to do some additnal research about u. From where can i do this, and how. Its really hard to ask my questions from imam vahid my dads folower cuz hes in iran and its hard for me to reach him.

    Also anser theze quesshans too. Do i have to do zakat and khoms on my allowence?
    Explain love for me. How can it hurt people and how kan it benifit us.
    How kan i kontakt u. How kan streghnthen my taghwa. I already pray and sometimes with khoshoo. I read the quran. I want to have more control over my desires. I don’t want to be those who burn in the nar ol azeem. Young wood is really good for the fire, and so r youths like me.

    Plz explain to me the relationship of girl and boy youths.

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