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  • selam aleykum

    i have the personal feeling, we as muslims should not stand on the right to build the mosc close to ground zero. not in this time. their are much more other important projects. we as muslims should show a big haerth and keep care about the feelings in the society, which where left by the attac on the world trade center on sep 11. this is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. in my opinion, not to build this mosc, is like a handshake, say we feel with you, we are on your side, even muslims where killed in this attac. its a sign of reconciliation.

    ma salama

    allah will guide us the right path, forgiveness is one of his big deeds, so what we can do less then him


  • Salaam. I don’t wish to argue with you brother, but I just want to make one quick point.

    Whether or not we personally agree with the building of this mosque, I believe we all need to support it as an affirmation of our right to freely practice Islam. By giving in and saying it’s OK to move the mosque because of sensitivity or not build it at all, we are telling all of the bigots that they win–that we have given up our natural rights in this case. That is the first step on a dangerous path. If we give in, we are sending a dangerous message and setting a dangerous precedent. We are saying it is OK to be intolerant against Muslims, and it’s OK to lump all Muslims together with the extremists. If we stand strong and support the mosque (even if we feel otherwise), we are telling the world that politics of fear and hate cannot overcome our freedom.

  • As-salamu alaikum,

    I think we need to be remind when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a similar situation as a means of properly looking at how we or the Imam should deal with situation. Many Muslims and more than like the majority feel that the Islamic center should be build because it is our right. And this feeling is based upon our support of the constitution that protects that right, however; we should remind ourselves with the Qur’an and the sunnah in what we should do in situations like these instead of considering a man made document that isn’t based upon the worship of Allah or acting for his sake alone.

    If we remember the treaty at Hudaibiyah when he agreed not to enter mecca for 10 yrs although it was his right to enter and perform hajj. The question we need to ask ourselves is why didn’t demand, protest and even go to war to perform a religious act establish by Ibrahim peace be upon him? The answer to that question is he was sent to call people to Islam and to force his way in to Mekka wouldn’t help Allah’s cause. Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him wanted peace more than anyone in his time and definitely more than anyone of us living today.

    The Imam at this Islamic center says he wants peace, but his behavior says otherwise because this is not how you obtain peace according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. This imam goes out of his way to demonize muslims by suggesting that muslim extremist will use this to recruit more muslims to his cause. Which muslims is he suggesting will run to the cause of the extremist if this islamic center is not built? Muslim’s who are not extreme but who will become extreme because of this. And while he says this he is also saying that those who block the islamic center will the cause for the extremist.

    So we need follow what Allah and his Messenger tells us and what his messenger has demonstrated instead of follow our heart and a document that can also be use to deny your rights as a muslim.

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