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  • MashAllah, that was beautiful, thank you for posting it.
    Could anyone please tell me the name of the Nasheed that was playing in the background and towards the end? JazakAllah Khairun.

  • AS

    This is the tasaawuf that we need, the ruhaniyyah that we need. It is pure. relates to life and gets the point across and there is no difference in it and the reality of death is in our face. We will come to an end and stand before Allah (swt) with our book of deeds.


  • May Allah bless this brother.
    Theres a certain persona about him that words cant describe.
    You should hear him – then you’ll know what i’m talking about.
    He runs a charity called Al Fitra here in the uk. MashAllah, he gives alot of talks where he can.

  • Masha-Allah, nice reminder.
    As for tasawwaf, it can’t be taken from one speech. It is a whole science which is accepted by jamhur. Tasawwaf is a life long struggle – teacher to student.

  • Akhi Muhammed

    Before the codification of the Sciences Fiqh was the actions of the Prophet(saw), Iman was at the Trenches and from trusting the Prophet when under attack, Ihsan was from the tears and pain of Tahajud and from days of hunger.

    Naturally, after 1-2 centuries we HAD to codify the sciences, but there needs to be a balance between the sciences and the simplicity of the earlier generation. Not everyone needs to study the Mudawina to pray, or study ibn abi izza or Sanusi to know what to belief. Like wise for Ihsan we dont all need to study under a teacher or study Qawaid Tasawuf especially if this science has evolved in form from what was left by our Nabi (saw).


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