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Imam Suhaib on CBS’s “Face The Nation”

The State of Religion in America

March 31, 2013

Imam Suhaib Webb, Rabbi David Wolpe, Bishop Mariann Budde, and Bishop Harry Jackson offer their perspective on the state of religion in modern America.


Imam Suhaib’s Commentary on the “Face the Nation” Segment


Thank you to CBS for featuring Imam Suhaib Webb!

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  • Amazing mashaAllah… Imam Suhaib, may Allah swt bless, reward and protect you and your family in this world and akhirat.. You, with the support of everyone around you have done so much for the youth like me… I just want to say thank you so so much… Only Allah can reward these amazing efforts…

  • Jazak Allahu Khayran for posting this and for Suhaib Webb for participating in the discussion!

    While I don`t believe in religious relativism, that all religious paths are equal and equally beloved by God, that certainly should not stop us from realizing that there are incredibly valuable lessons we can learn from everyone, Muslim or Non-Muslim, and that we should work with anyone who is interested to promote the common good.

    Imam Suhaib did a wonderful job – he was neither defensive and apologetic nor arrogant and closed-minded – two sides which I feel Muslim leaders have a tendency to fall into, especially in discussions with other faith leaders, or about other faiths. Rather, he appeared comfortable and confident. Such an attitude can only come from someone who is both humble yet strong in faith.

    All the participants offered insightful comments that I learned from.

  • Great job by Imam Suhaib on this panel discussion. I like the way he stepped up and clarified some of the dark historical moments that happened in this country decades ago in the name of religion.

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