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  • Subhanallah the YM and ICNA bros from chi-town were watching this together when it came on CNN…we were so excited. When he threw down the last line I swear the reaction was like MJ made a buzzer beater in the finals. it was crazy! Mashallah. May Allah protect us from the evil of hatred and fear mongering. ameen.

  • I love the last three seconds and how he shakes his head. It’s as if he is saying, “I owned you there …..!”

  • You know what’s funny? All the Muslims (esp young ones), are thrilled using words such as ‘owned, smack down, ‘bounce’, tenderized, etc.

    I wonder how non Muslims viewed this ‘debate’.

    How effective was it?

  • If the non-Moslem’s are like Rep. King (same perspective), they’ll have the exact opposite view of course than we had. If they’re open to a dialog and are willing to listen, they’ll appreciate the points made by each side and hopefully wait to view the posters before making up their minds or possibly use this opportunity as a cause to learn about Islam and Moslems.

    All in all, it wasn’t effective at all since these short sound bites that each side uses are only for their constituents. These shows are worthless but I do appreciate the need for Moslem representation on such shows. Those wishing to learn and understand don’t need the sounds bites.

    A perfect place to view the sheer madness of a highly charged topic is to visit a local University when a polarizing speaker is invited by a student group/org. Just sit back and listen. The speaker will have his/her say then the Q&A (if the speaker isn’t interrupted a few times before the Q&A) will show why each person has a pre-disposition on the topic and irrespective of what is said by the speaker, there will be people for and against.

    It’s all entertainment. True progress is made by reasonable middle of the road people not the polarizing ones we see on TV.

    Sorry for the ramble. My age must be coming through :)

  • I saw this on TV, and I was really impressed by Br. Azeem’s well-put points, which made Mr. King look like he was fishing for excuses.
    “First of all, you need to get your facts straight.” That was amazing, mashAllah : )

  • I think even if non Muslims did not view it as favorably as Muslims, it has given Muslims the opportunity to engage in a hopeful, positive mentality which will inshaAllah produce a successful reality.

    This is no doubt progress in rallying enthusiastic Muslims for one of the biggest projects in NYC.

  • ASA,

    I think young people got hyped over this because for the first time they saw one of themselves representing Islam and the community on National TV.

    I have asked many people for their analysis of the clip. My father in law made the most sense. He said “you presented the facts, and that’s what was needed” (While the other side presented accusations).

    Another thing that will help when it comes to dealing with open minded viewers is if they see through his weak logic. He says Imam Siraj is “backing” these ads. Now what does that mean? He also says these ads will give him credibility and respectability etc. If we look at the logic alone it makes no sense. How are these ads giving him credibility, if he is the one promoting the ads? The ads are not promoting him, its the other way around which infers that he already has credibility (or else why would he be asked to raise support for it). Also he is not behind these ads or backing these ads because he is not the initiator, creator, designer, of these ads. And he is not paying for it either. So to support or promote something does not make you responsible for something. Anyone can support anything and that’s something that is unmanageable by us. So as I said he supports the idea of the project. They already want to make being a witness in court a crime, whats next thought crimes for supporting ideas?

    I also wonder if Peter King had the last word what the end result would have been.

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