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  • As to Presidential campaign, one belongs to a racist religion, the other supports gay marriage and drone attacks killing women and children. So do you as a scholar support the lesser of two evils. If so your proof from Qur’an and Sunnah. One thing they have in common Jerusalem is their Qiblah

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      May Allah aid you, protect you, guide you and allow you to grow. Keep on the move and keep strong. I love you for Allah. Thank you for the demonstration of courage while we are demonized from without and within. Thank you for aiming at positive constructive action.


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    I truly appreciate the brothers who are trying to move forward and make some sort of move yet I do not agree with the method. I truly think that we as Muslims should try to influence our surroundings and build community but not by voting just yet. A muslim can get involved with helping the poor, recycling, starting companies which are involved in aiding the weak and handicapped and so forth. These deeds would in turn show the concern of the Muslim for the welfare of his community and its citizens. After this step has been made if that Muslim decides to get involved in politics then his aim to bring about the Objectives of the Sharia should be clear. When a candidate such as this appears ( a man who openly declares that his party is not democratic or republican rather a party which supports the ethics of the Sharia) then insha allah it will be ok to vote for this man.

    p.s This is just my humble opinion on a way that muslims can impact the community by avoiding an action which may constitute to a sin which is displeasing to Allah
    Allah knows best

    • i like that wording – the *objectives* of the sharia. as muslims we would tend to welcome the sharia generally, but often neglect that ultimately the *objectives* of sharia is the goal, which leads us to sometimes have “sharia” laws enforced in a way that defeats the *objectives* of sharia and become a mode of civilian oppression. i am sad and enraged to see things like, under “shariah” law, a daughter is whipped for having been raped by her stepfather, or that women are banned by local clerics from riding motorcycles where this transport is common and essential, except by the dangerous method of “sidesaddle”. how should i vote, if i know or suspect that the “sharia” candidate has a legal understanding that will defeat the *objective* of sharia, by his very attempt to advance it? i guess these dilemmas aren’t relevant to muslim americans, but they are real choices for us in the East.

  • I met S. Khalid at NYU, i.e. went to one or two of his khutbas & he appears to be a very nice man, and have heard many good things about him, but I must disagree with this particular idea of Muslims Rock the Vote. Why are muslims voting for anybody in this secular ideology ridden establishment anyway ? Since when did “democracy” & “republic” become part of the Sharia of our aqeedah ? “They” decry our way of life, mock our basic beliefs, humiliate our Prophet, want us to change our Quran, to make them feel better [i.e. “liberalize” it], ban some of the basic tenets of our religious law, and what do we do ? We run for the Democratic Conventions, or the Republicans, or whatever. Why the heck are we compromising ? Why do we have to meet halfway ? Do we really want to Americanize ourselves, in which the Secular Law precedes scared Law ? The Irish & the Italians have all but lost their faith and culture…are we to follow ? No, I am not saying that we become Quakers, or Amish, but what is the middle way ? Ultimately by being involved in the political scene we may gain more rights, but will we be giving up our religion ? I personally would just focus on the local community votes, as a vibrant community that we actually love in is more important than the gross overgeneralized national political agenda.

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