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The Siraj Wahaj Story: How One Community Wiped Out Gangs and Drugs

Winning the accolades of local law enforcement as well as the Mayor. Imam Siraj is a true American hero. Instead of leaving children behind, Imam Siraj’s community got in the trenches and served others.

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  • Wonderful idea, everyone who has a blog should find a nice video from imam siraj wahhaj on youtube, embed it and make sure to put his name in the subject so when someone searches his name on blog search engines they are flooded with his awesome lectures.

  • as salaamu alaykum,

    May Allah bless Imam Siraj! I heard him for the first time after a long time at the ICNA conference a few weeks ago… He is truly a special person who has done so much good in his life.

    It’s a shame the light he’s being cast in these days by the media… people need to recognize that this is a man who has dedicated his life to the khidmah [service] of the people, Muslim community and non, and we need more like him…

  • I think we should do a post a picture of yourself with Sirah Wahhaj on your blog campaign!!

    Imam Suhaib can start……. theres pics on :)

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