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  • As interesting as this is, whether he truly converted or not, he's facing his judgement. Our priorities are sadly out of sync. May guide all the Muslims.

  • As interesting as this is, whether he truly converted or not, he's facing his judgement. Our priorities are sadly out of sync. May guide all the Muslims.

  • Correct… JazakhAllahu Kheiran Br. Abdullah.
    If he was still alive it would be ridiculous to ask this question over and over again when our neighbors are not even Muslim. Seeing as he is dead now, knowing that he was Muslim would help us for dua purposes. :)

  • Actually this is an important issue for Muslims. His being Muslim will make Islam look more acceptable in the eyes of thousands of his fans. It is a great event that hits the Islamophobes hard. Islam needs good publicity.

    Think of him as a brand. Now he is a Muslim brand. This is a good thing. Even if it helps one of his fans turn toward Islam, this would have been a great event. This fan might become the next Malcolm X and inspire millions to become Muslim.

  • Personally i dont think he was a Muslim. If ever he was truly a Muslim, we would have known by facts, like a Muslim's priority would be to perform Hajj to purify his soul. And what about the concert that was planned for July ? Muslim ? Its a great responsibility !

    PS Was Commandant Cousteau a Muslim ? Was Neil Armstrong a Muslim ? …

  • There have been many posts on the web questioning whether or not Michael Jackson was actually Muslim (Most notably Saqib Saab, Ali Eteraz, Umar Lee, MR and probably many others).

    Nonetheless, others have indeed confirmed that Michael Jackson had converted, including Yasir Qadhi in today’s Khutbah at the Berlin Masjid in Berlin, CT [Props to Haseeb Chowdhry!!!]

    In the second part of his Khutbah, Shaykh Yasir began talking about an individual that has been a part of all of our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. No one in our generation can say that haven’t heard Michael Jackson’s music, or that they haven’t heard about him in the news. He was a man that had everything at his disposal, all the fame, the fortune, and the status. Everyone from Steve Jobs to kids living in the Maharastra slums knew of heard of Michael Jackson. What was so amazing, Shaikh Yasir said, was that everyone could tell that he was never truly happy and that he engaged in “eccentric activities,” demonstrating his insecurity and lack of ease with life in this world. Yet, according to Shaikh Yasir, there was evidence that Michael Jackson accepted Islam last year in LA. In fact, Shaikh Yasir said that Jermaine Jackson, who is the Shaikh’s friend and a Muslim for the past 10 years, confirmed with the Shaikh that Michael had indeed proclaimed the Shahada and was on his path towards learning about Islam.

    Moreover, Imam Johari Abdul Malik has written the Jackson family is meeting with an imam to make the funeral arrangements for the janazah .

    Any further speculation, without primary evidence is unnecessary. Moreover, it really hurts to see all the hateful comments against Michael Jackson on the web. He never molested any children, nor did he intentionally turn himself white (he had Vitiligo). Yes, he had his flaws, was quite eccentric, and perhaps mentally troubled, but that gives no body the right to speak ill of this man.

    And Allah (swt) knows best.

    Here are a couple of other good articles about Michael Jackson:

    Deepak Chopra – A Tribute to My Friend, Michael Jackson

    Faisal Abbas – Michael Jackson… The Man Who Rocked The Desert

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – The Tragic End of Michael Jackson

    Gotham Chopra – Writing Songs With My Friend Mike

    taken from

  • Are you saying he cant be Muslim because he hasnt made hajj yet? last i heard he supposedly became Muslim a couple months ago, and are you saying because he had a concerts lined for July he couldnt be Muslim? Its a great responsibility to be Muslim but not all of people who were born Muslims even know that.

    MJ being Muslim is not the same as the theories we have had about other people, our theories of MJ being Muslim come from his brother who is Muslim. You dont have to believe he became but optimism and compassion for another human to be save on the day of judgement would be nice. This isnt just to you but to everyone who has had such a negative look on this topic after his death.

    wallahu Alam

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