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  • “Islam is not amenable to extremism, and because of that you don’t see Allah giving success to the advocates of extremism and indiscriminate violence…”

    That’s a very strong point that Imam Zaid makes. Aside from all the debates about ideology and the corruption of Islam teachings, just look at the results of extremism, and you will see that Allah does not reward such behavior. Instead, extremism leads to chaos and suffering. “You just see one mess after another,” as Imam Zaid says.

    • That’s right. It is a very strong point. Just as the khawaarij of old were not given success, these terrorists are destined to fail, even if they succeed for a time.

  • Thanks for putting this up. The message is clear, alhamdulillah. And much needed at this time.

    Just a point of constructive criticism, perhaps (and please help point out if I’m mistaken so I can apologise and correct myself) – perhaps the video would be more far reaching if some prominent female speakers were in it as well.

  • On the authority of Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him, who narrated that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: “Ruined are the extremists.” He said it three times.

    [Sahih Muslim, Book of Knowledge, #6784, Sahih-authentic]

  • The last speaker made an excellent point, and that is that the terrorists often take it upon themselves to decide what they believe G-d wants to have happen.

    In Judaism we learn that we cannot compel G-d to act, that we cannot do something and say “Now that we have done such-and-such, G-d must do something else.” Likewise, we are forbidden from using G-d’s name in vain — we can’t say “G-d said to do this thing” unless it very clearly states what it is we are to do, nor can we claim we are doing something in G-d’s name.

    It seems to me that those who commit these acts — Christian, Jew or Muslim — are placing themselves above G-d. There are, in effect, making themselves gods, because we know from the Tanakh and the Qur’an that if G-d wanted to destroy a people or overthrow an empire, that G-d doesn’t need help. Version 29:40 doesn’t say “terrorists destroyed these people”, it clearly states that G-d caused these places to be destroyed, just as clearly as it states how S’dom was destroyed in the Torah.

    • “They are, in effect …” and “Verse 29:40 doesn’t say …”. Oy.

      Great website, by the way. The more I read about mainstream Islamic views, the more I see a side to Islam that many Westerners aren’t aware exists.

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