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  • Asalaamu Alaykum – I would like to know Imam Suhaib’s views on the actions of shouting down a speaker during his presentation. This is unacceptable behavior and not conducive to an academic environment. Couldn’t they hold a protest outside? Silently walk-out after challenging him in a civilized manner? This uncivilized behavior is harmful to Muslim-University and Muslim-Jewish relations.

  • why is it when students did building sit ins and took over admin buildings on UC campuses during UC tuition hike protests, they were granted amnesty? what message do you send to young muslims in this country who are using american means of protest when you selectively punish them?
    Ask to speak with UC-Irvine Chancellor Drake or leave a message at: (949) 824 – 5011
    and email him at: ***

    *Speak to the Dean of Students office, who are determining the punishment
    at: (949) 824-5181 and email them at:* deanstu@uci.eduto make our voices heard

  • The students chose a predictably ineffective form of protest – instead of coverage about the Israeli ambassador being held to account for the shameful and criminal Israeli actions in Gaza, media coverage was of ‘shouting Muslims’. What were they wishing to achieve? That heckling was not productive and Gaza and its people were buried under the posturing of a few hotheads who made no coherent strategy to challenge what is, when all is said and done, merely an Israeli charm offensive that is part of their efforts to rebut the Goldstone report. The Israeli could easily have been skewered and punctured with a series of fact-based questions, exposing all the lies and propaganda. Instead, the ‘message’ that could have been conveyed was lost, amid a testosterone-fuelled display of male immaturity. At other universities where Oren spoke the Muslim students sat patiently, with excellent discipline, and tore him apart during the question and answer sessions. Anyone could have predicted that the form of protest selected at Irvine would achieve nothing. The students should be asking Muslims to write asking the university to be merciful, not asking them to endorse their foolish and counterproductive behavior.

    A golden opportunity to educate others, to refute Israeli propaganda, and to raise awareness about the crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians was lost – and now we are asked to ‘cheer for the poster boys’ ? Pathetic. The protest was marked by immaturity and a complete lack of political wisdom. Instead of garnering support, as it could have done, it alienated people, and now Muslims at Irvine are being abused ‘by association’. Don’t these kids THINK before they act? They should have seen this as the only likely outcome – or was fomenting a sense of victimhood at Irvine their actual goal?

    • Salamu alaikum,

      Regardless of your personal opinion about what the best tactics are to address Israeli propaganda, the brothers were 100% within their rights as Americans and students of the university. Their rights should not be violated. The anger I hear about their approach only reflects an acceptance of the paradigm & ideas propagated by Israelis. We should not accept the paradigm they try to set, but demand that justice be the lens we use to see the world.

      With all due respect, the statement “The students should be asking Muslims to write asking the university to be merciful, not asking them to endorse their foolish and counterproductive behavior” only follows what zionists are trying to brainwash us with – a type of self-hate and degradation though we have the right and justice on our side.

      I think it is important to critically look at “both” tactics: asking tough questions and interrupting the speaker. Though I’ve always gone with the first option, I’d like to point out that both are useless in changing people’s set ideas (pro-justice or pro-zionism). The people who are unsure will not take a solid position based on a few questions or shouts.

      Just to be fair to the 11 brothers & the effectiveness of their tactic… there was an event where an Islamophobe came to campus. The Muslim students on campus were known for their involvement, care & kindness. During this event, the plan was to ask tough questions, but the Islamophobe was such a liar and really aggressive about it, that some of the Muslim students started talking (shouting) back. To an outsider, this action my have seemed “uncivilized” (and many/all were sisters, so we can’t label it as “testosterone-fuelled display of male immaturity.” In either case, many of the students on campus later said they “got scared” because they never saw these Muslims angry before. They “didn’t like” the speaker because she offended and angered the Muslims on campus, though they couldn’t comprehend how and why.

      In light of this, to more justly “judge” the brothers’ action, we need to look at their goal & how effectively was it achieved. We also need to see the effect on campus and on the Zionists. The fact that Zionists (off campus entities) are trying so hard to get media attention against these brothers and have them punished severely (and completely unjustly) shows how strongly they are affected and threatened by the brothers’ action.

      As Allah swt says, wa `asaa an takrahu shay’an wa huwa khayrun lakum. (… perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.) [2:216]

  • Dear Abu Hamza,
    I’m sorry to say this, but I hate it when I see a socalled Muslim like you or others, always trying to lure others to take side. Alway challenging the believes of other, like you are maybe the only one that up hold the truth.
    It sad to see this. I stand with those people that, don’t stand tsill when they see such a criminal walking scottfree. They have used theyre rights. May Allah be with them. Its better this than that hate of the qalb of some good muslims. Only busy with theyre own things. Not seeing the deathtoll of theyre brothers all over the world. No we have to do it the right way. The only problem is, that they,re doing nothing. Only critisizing others faith. Start with solutions and fight for the right of our brothers and sisters all over the world. And if you are scared to do so let others do it for you and forever hold your peace. May Allah excuse me for my outburst. I don’t know what I would do if I would see that terrorist. …………..

  • With all respect, the very fact that the post-event reaction and discussion is all about the mess that the students have gotten themselves into, and not about a successful nailing of Israeli propaganda, says all that there is to say about how ‘successful’ the protest was. It was not a success. It was poorly planned. It was poorly conceived. It did not achieve any positive goals, beyond being a piece if ineffective ‘ventilation’.

    Palestine is not an issue that has appeared in the last week or so. And Israeli apologists for war crimes are not a new species that has just appeared on earth either. Being informed about Palestine, caring about Palestine and its people, being politically active on behalf of Palestine and its people are not things for an hour, a day, or an evening only, they should be things we do for life, until there is justice for the Palestinian people. And knowing what we know about Israeli apologists for war crimes, we can – or we should be able to – predict what they say and rebut what they say, calmly, efficiently, easily.

    I don’t wish any unthinking person to write a word that suggests that I am unaware of broken and mutilated Palestinian men, women and children, of exiled, imprisoned, tortured and oppressed Palestinians, or that I do not rage at the vile crimes perpetrated against them. But an angry rant is not going to serve their memory well, an angry rant is not going to achieve anything for their living relations. I learned a long time ago, a very long time ago, that shouting and screaming and wearing badges are not the most productive ways to help the Palestinian people.

    I do not have to explain what I do and have done for years, to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. But over a period of time, what is effective and what is not becomes obvious. We are scattered all over the world – does this mean we should not learn from each other’s experience, and go on repeating mistakes, over and over?

    There seems to be a lot of ego and defensiveness swirling around the fallout from the debacle at Irvine – and be clear, that is what it was. It was a complete failure, as a protest, it has resulted in nothing but negative fallout, for other Muslims at the university as well as for the individuals involved. There is something approaching potential fitna in these calls to endorse their stupidity ‘right or wrong’. I will not endorse stupidity. The kindest thing I can do is to request that the whole mess be reviewed intelligently.

    What was the purpose of the protest? What were its goals? Can it honestly be said that anything positive was achieved? And here I do not count ‘personal ventilation’ or ‘manifesting anger’ as useful aims – they are not, they are redundant.

    The presence of the apologist for war crimes was a fait accompli. Why was that? Why was not enough advance opposition orchestrated to make those who invited him think again ? And once he was there, what was the goal? To show anger? We would be strange people if we were not angry, but what is the use of showing that to a part of the Israeli propaganda machine. They know we are angry, they discount it, while they go around charming others. Did the protest at Irvine have any chance of delivering facts, or a counter-message to that constituency? Or did it merely make a gift to the Israelis, give them the chance to present Muslims as an unruly rabble? Give them the chance to then proceed to wage a ‘dismissal’ campaign against people who could, with more thought, become better political activists?

    The only ‘self-hatred’ I can see is the lack of self-confidence that held a small group back from nailing the Israeli with facts and refutations – and be sure of this, they exist in abundance. Any Israeli speech can be unpicked, unravelled, and shown up as the thread of lies that it is.

    There was immaturity to the protest. And I reject totally any whining that accuses people who make intelligent criticisms of a failed action as ‘self-hating’. If anyone wants to say that again I would say “Grow up and come back when you’ve put in one hundredth of the amount of time working for Palestine – without ego, without ranting, and without shooting yourself in the foot.”

    Discipline, education and information are very valuable tools, and none of them were on display at Irvine. What was on display was a poor example that should never be repeated or ‘recommended’. Is ‘scaring other students’ a positive result? Not on this planet it isn’t. Racing around online posting supportive comments for a useless exercise that made a gift to the Israelis is not far removed from being goldfish swimming around in the same bowl – you might all decide that things look the same but in the world outside it’s a whole lot different. And others see things differently there.

    I see a small clique that decided on a course of action that a Palestinian child could have told them was doomed to fail from the start. And now, having messed up, they want to claim they did something ‘heroic’. I’ll be gentle – they were young, they were nervous, they committed themselves without thinking it through (although word in the souk is that they sought advance ‘legal advice’ before going ahead). But heroic they weren’t. Anyone who thinks they were needs to go out into the world and learn about what real courage is – or buy a dictionary.

    Somehow I don’t think that “Hey, remember that time when those eleven guys got temporarily detained for shouting at the Israeli ambassador?” is going to go down in annals of successful protests against Israeli crimes. It might be a big deal right now in the social circles of those who have made their careers hostages to fortune but trust me, it hasn’t done anything for Palestine. When the online buzz is either negative media coverage or cries for help from guys who a kid would have advised not to behave in the way they did, you just know that ‘the message that should have been delivered’ never made it home.

    I hope that the eleven students can salvage and maintain their university places. And I hope that they, and their apologists, who see nothing ridiculous or contradictory about a ‘free speech defense’ of an action that the university authorities regard as ‘attempted denial of free speech’, will think a little more intelligently about what does and what does not constitute effective political protest.

    Allah ma3akom

    • Dear Suhaila,

      Although what you said is not untrue, all your reasoning for disagreeing is because how cleverly this will be exploited by the pro Israel media. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was ineffective. It WILL be ineffective if we think that was the end of that protest. What those students did was nothing any major politician, including Obama didn’t face, but those protesters weren’t singled out and arrested with the threat of having their careers ruined. Double Standard. You want to accept that? Even if you don’t agree with the method, will you accept that others are allowed to do it, and you’re not, simply because you fear the backlash and these brave students don’t?

      The question now remains, what will YOU do, what will >> I << do? Even if you disagree with their form of protest, will you now accept this double standard? Live with it? Or will you EXPOSE this double standard using the same strategy of "nailing with facts" (that you seem a big supporter of) to the Chancellor, University, and rest of the Media.

      If you think those students' protest started and ended with them, you're mistaken,…they have given YOU and ME an opportunity, while PUTTING THEIR CAREERS AT RISK……to help expose their double standard AND highlight the Palestinian plight. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

      You have a choice, sit here and criticize, beg the university for mercy, accept the staus quo and try to "reason" with Oren, like that's made SO much a difference in the past 60 years, (and i don't disagree with arguing, but that's a part of the protest, not there are other forms of protests too) ——-OR———
      WORK AS A TEAM, take off from where they left, put a mirror in the face of the University until they're forced to acknowledge the reflection that exposes their double standard, and partiality. Even Malcolm X, Martin Luther King were not united in strategy, but they were in purpose.

      Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali also were "provocative" for their times, but that's needed to get the message out, it's then for the rest to take that message and deliver, and EXPOSE.

      Do your job, question UCI for their double standard, as you advocate questioning Oren. Keep in mind, the more you beg, the more you give in, the more you lose, the more they gain. Remember Rosa Parks? Even if you dont want to fight for their strategy, fight against the double standard. People will know, if there can be double standard with our OWN students, there must be double standards for the issue they're so desperately trying to supress. As I said, kill two birds with one stone.

      So you have a choice, sit here and curse, and feel apologetic about how this will make you look, or make the university look within itself before its too late as far as the students are concerned.

      I'm proud of these young kids, ……….let them be proud of us!

      and please don't "beg for mercy" when you e mail the University, that's not whats needed, and I can guarantee you they, the students don't ask for your mercy, they ask for your "intelligent criticism" directed toward the University, thats the need of the hour, that's what they need.


  • What’s done is done. Now it is YOUR!!! YOUR! responsibility to stand with the Jammah, DO NOT DISUNITE THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY. stand by the actions. don’t look at the past Look at the future

  • Suhaila your comments inspired in me both despair and hope. Despair for those Muslims without hope who think the solution is to abandon dialogue and present ourselves as cruelly as the oppressors. Hopeful that more Muslims understand like you that result oriented approaches should be our standard for protest. Thank you.

  • Salaam aliekoum wr wb,
    I believe that most of us all have never faced, what our brothers and sisters have been facing for decades, by the Zionists and the Muslim zionist puppets in run by US and Aipac. Please give me one example of a talking out solution, that had some effect for the Palestinians or other oppressed Muslims or Non-Muslims in the world. I am against any dholm in the world. If it be Muslims or Non-Muslims. Give me one example that Muslims have won something by talking. Believe me when we debate with them, we are the most strongest in arguments and clear facts. They are only lying, lying and implying. When we start to talk , we also have to do the walk. I am for talking and warfare, with only talking we are coming nowhere. May Allah be with those that fight the oppressors in words and deeds.
    May Allah help those young students and May Allah instil in their hearts more and more pure, love and fury for they’re Deen and for they’re brothers and sisters everywhere in the world.
    Here is a reminder for you and me and will benefit us.

    A person with a sick heart does not react to the needs of Muslims by making supplications, giving charity, or offering assistance. He does not care if his brothers are afflicted by a hardship in any part of the world such as being overwhelmed by the enemy, being persecuted, or being stricken by disasters. It is enough for him that his conditions are good! This is because of his ailing Iman; A believer is the opposite of that as described by the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam: “A believer feels pain for the believers, just as the body feels distress over what is troubling the head.” (Related by Ahmad).

    “The Believers are but a single Brotherhood.” [Al-Hujurat 49:10]
    “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others.” [Sahih Muslim].
    إنَّ المؤمِنَ للمُؤمنِ كَالبُـنيان يشـِدُّ بَعْضُه بَعضـا
    Truly The Faithful Are To One Another Like Components Of A Building—Each Part Supports The Other.
    Muslim And Bukhari
    المؤمنون كرجلٍ واحد إن إشـتكى عيـنهُ إشـتكى كُلُّه
    وإن إشـتكى رأسُهُ إشـتكى كُلُّه
    The Faithful Are Like A Single Body: If His Eye Suffers, Then His Constitution Will Suffer; And If He Has A Headache, Then His Whole System Will Suffer.
    مثَلُ المؤمنينَ في توادِّهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم كمثَلِ الجَسـدِ الواحد
    إذا اشتكى منهُ عضْوٌ تداعى لهُ سائِر الجَسَدِ بالسَّر والحُمّى
    The Similitude Of The Believers In Their Compassion, Mercy, And Affection Toward Each Other Is Like A Single Body. When One Organ Ails, The Whole Body Suffers And Reacts.

    Where is our brotherhood, where are we to protect our brothers and sisters.
    Where Are WE??

  • Audhubillah ppl look
    what does it matter if they were in the right or in the wrong?
    These students, whatever they did and however they did are still Muslims and we still our belief in Islam.
    Since they have already did what they did we should not sit here and critisize them but instead try and help them just for the sake of Allah! (Only for good deeds and to get to jannah) not cuz we think they were immature or completely correct.

    The Prophet (SAw)’s sunnah of advising is not to critsize them and just sit there. InshAllah we should help them and then take them aside in private and speak to them and may Allah reward us for our good intentions.
    The Prophet (saW) said Help your brother whether he is the oppressed or the oppressor. And that you help that he is an oppressor by stopping his oppression.
    SubhanAllah the beauty and justice of Islam.
    Asalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraktuhu

  • Alls im saying is nothing is gonna change by posting on a web wall. We will not increase in our eman just by rejecting falsehood and speaking our against injustice or the “immature” acts of some students. We must get up and do something.
    We correct the falsehood
    We stop the injustice and fix it
    and we correct the methods and follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SaW), the best of mankind who ever walked the face of this earth.

  • @Suhaila

    I can accept that you critique the strategy and the outcome. But you are too critical of the individuals and their personalities with accusations of “stupidity” and a “testosterone-fuelled display of male immaturity.” To be perfectly honest, I actually find these statements offensive and quite myopic.

    It is true that your suggestions are certainly a method which can be employed. Perhaps those suggestions would be better directed at those that that do nothing.

    I watched the full event on YouTube and saw the Chancellor and other faculty clearly threaten the students with suspension, arrest, and more. For students to stand up and profess their indignation publically, in the face of a politician complicit to torture and murder, while themselves being threatened shows selflessness, courage, and maturity (Allah swt knows best). We cannot take away their right to do so. People are not cut from the same mold. Perhaps a well-crafted argument will work with some, but for others a show of emotions is required to spark their thought process. So please, by all means, continue to question the efficacy, to promote alternative strategy, and to continue to work as it’s clear you do, but do not question the sincerity of the individuals simply because their thought process is not completely congruent with yours.

    I otherwise agree with almost all of your comments and suggestions.

  • Suhaila, you are brilliant. When are Muslims going to learn to strategize and actually think about the intended outcome before they act, instead of acting merely for the sake of doing “something”. That was not the methodology of our Prophet (S) who did nothing for 13 years other than teach and pray in Mecca until Allah informed him that it was time to act. Our actions should always put presenting the true face of Islam and upholding the Prophet’s message above any worldly gains. Muslims in the U.S. have one duty and that is to present the true face of Islam; to do otherwise is to aid and abet the Islamophobes who dedicate their lives to smearing Islam.

  • Indeed, what the 11 did was wrong. Rasulullah would ALWAYS wait and listen what a speaker would have to say and then when the speaker is finished, Rasulullah would respond calmly. The 11 brothers kept interrupting the speaker in an unislamic manner.

    However it was the university’s fault for arresting these brothers. The injustice of the uni is much greater then the interruptions the brothers made. The brothers had all rights however to stand up like that in the hall, but the uni had NO rights what so ever to arrest the brothers.

    IT is our duty as muslims to stand up for these brothers just as we stand up for our brothers and sisters in Felestine. May Allah have mercy on these brothers. Ameen

  • I don’t know how your schools work, but at my university we had a violent jihadist speak and several republican students staged a similar protest and were expelled from school for disorderly behavoir. The students that sponsored the speaker also got in hot water for not checking out their speaker’s background. I don’t know any school that will consider this behavoir exceptable, when I’ve seen it happen its because the school was forced to accept it…

  • Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

    The bottom line is, those that take action spark the change in status quo. The status quo is that Israel is killing innocent civilians and sending ambassadors and diplomats to different campuses to make Israel look “good” in a huge Public Relations campaign. It is unfortunate that many who criticize what the brothers did are individuals that are not active at all. If there was any type of oppression or injustice they would most likely not budge.

    People need to understand:
    1. Who Michael Oren is.
    2. The context of the situation in Irvine
    3. What the State of Israel has done to the Palestinians for the past 62 years
    4. Why these brothers, with the threat of expulsion and arrest would still do what they did

    Many of us call ourselves Muslims but we fail to give our own brothers the benefit of the doubt. We fail to give them 70 excuses before we criticize them and call their acts “stupid.”

    thank you for being supportive

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