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America vs. The Caliphate?

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After lectures at several universities, a few students asked me about the intersection of Islam and politics. Unfortunately, many associate Islam with a political agenda, a source of suspicion to many outside the Muslim community, and a cause for frustration and alienation for many within the community. We have become so beholden to the forms in which Muslim societies once existed that we have not stopped to ask whether many of our conversations are counterproductive, irrelevant, or even dangerous.

Islamic values have a lot to offer the world today, but only if we can understand the goals the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) set out to achieve. The ideal of Muslim unity is still relevant as part of a broader Islamic message that seeks not to tear down societies, but to find what is good in them, to reinforce that, and to extend the umbrella of justice, compassion and fraternity so that it covers all.  It’s what I call the “supertribe.”

Beginning with the early life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, this sermon presents the incredible significance of the Ummah and the reason it still resonates so strongly with so many.

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  • Wonderful!! Just what the ummah needs. I also like the speech that he gave on wealth, I think that it was titled, “The Taj Mal”. He sounds very educated, does anyone know where he studied Islam? Salaams.

  • i see… we fail and keep failing because we mistake the form that once worked, with the fundamental objectives that drove the selection of that form. we’re hanging on to the form long after it no longer fits the purpose. the form is transient but the objectives are eternal.

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