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Dear Readers,

We have recently noticed an increase in the number of websites that re-post articles from this blog, either by providing links, pasting the articles directly into their website, or sharing through written publications. We are truly humbled by the fact that our readers find our material worthy of being posted on their own respective websites and love writing and expressing ideas which will, God-willing, be of benefit to our readers. We thank Allah that He gives us the opportunity to write for you and love hearing your comments and learning from your ideas and reflections on our articles.

However, copying articles may make it seem that the article was written by the author FOR the other website, when it was in fact originally published here on Because this may falsely give the impression that our authors are associated with other websites or blogs and because we cannot logistically monitor and endorse other websites and blogs, we would like to request that all readers, fellow bloggers, and magazines follow the below guidelines when re-posting articles from on their own sites and/or printed material:

  1. Provide the title and the author’s name when sharing an article.
  2. Please directly link back to in a prominent location.
  3. Do not make any edits to the article without approval from us and the author. If articles are to be edited before publishing, please send it to us so that we can approve it with the author in question.

This policy helps us to keep a discussion going here on the blog from readers from various points of view, and allows us to ensure our authors are not falsely associated with websites or magazines that we cannot monitor and approve. This also means that both the authors and the website are cited for their work.

Thank you.

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  • I had shared several of the site’s articles on my now-deleted blog and I hope I had followed the guidelines; I had always linked to the article, clearly stated it was from this site and not my own work and made sure I mentioned the author as well.

    It comes as no surprise that pieces featured here are spread around – when we come across an aritlce that addresses an issue we are particularly intrested in addressing on our blogs, it usually can’t be said any better than it is said by those who contribute to this site, ma’sha’allah. Keep up the great work!

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