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Ramadan Letters by Jinan Yousef

1. To the Soul that has Transgressed: English
2. To the Heart that is Numb: English
3. To the Limbs that are Busy: English
4. To the Eyes that Weep: English

Glimpses of Marital Bliss by Maryam Amirebrahimi

1. The Goodbye Hug: English
2. The Love Letter: English
3. Will They Say Yes?: English
4. From an Arranged Marriage to Deep Love: English
5. Parents and Puppy Love: English
6. Perspectives on Marriage: English
7. Finding Allah Through Divorce: English
8. Giving the Love We Want: English
9. He Prayed Instead of Fought: English

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The Qur’an by Maryam Amirebrahimi

1. 10 Tips to Becoming One of Allah’s Special People: English
2. Do You Really Want to Memorize the Qur’an?: English
3. How Can I Enjoy Listening to the Qur’an in Taraweeh When I Don’t Understand What is Being Recited?: English
4. How to Review What You’ve Memorized of the Qur’an: English
5. Practice: English
6. From Facebook to God’s Book: English
7. Kids and Qur’an Fun!: English
8. Spotting People of the Qur’an: English
9. The Qur’an: Our Lifelong Companion: English

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VMCounselors Column by Amal Killawi and Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine

1. Cutting: English
2. My Husband Has Not Consummated Our Marriage: English
3. Distance in Marriage: English
4. I Can’t Get in the Mood with my Husband: English
5. My Wife is Always Angry: English
6. Age Difference Between Spouses: English
7. Secrets From My Husband’s Past: English
8. My Husband Misunderstands My Mood Swings: English
9. Dirty Talk: English
10. On the Threshold of Adulthood: English
11. Do I Tell My Parents That I Don’t Want to Marry My Cousin?: English
12. Loneliness: English
13. Child Abuse: English
14. Problems with Attraction: English
15. Should I Consider Him for Marriage if I’m Not Attracted to Him?: English
16. Help! My Wife is Not Interested in Sex: English
17. Sunni-Shia Marriage: English
18. Leaving Islam: English
19. Polygamous Marriage: English
20. Moving Out: English
21. Living With My Brother-in-Law: English
22. How do I deal with a Non-Practicing Spouse?: English
23. Feeling Homesick and Thinking of Divorce: English

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Names of Allah by Jinan Yousef | PDF

1. Seeking the Guide — Al-Hadi: English
2. Al-Wahhab: The Giver of Gifts: English
3. Ar-Razzaq: The Provider: English
4. Al-Haleem: English
5. Allah’s Beautiful Name: As-Sitteer: English
6. Al-Mujeeb: The One Who Answers: English
7. At-Tawwab Part I: English
8. At-Tawwab Part II: English
9. Al-Kareem: English
10. Al-Lateef: English
11. Al-Qaabid, Al-Baasit: English
12. Al-Khaafidh ar-Raafi`- the Abaser, the Exalter: English
13. Peace: As-Salaam: English
14. The All-Knowing, the Most Wise — Al-`Aleem, Al-Hakeem: English
15. Al-Nur — the Light: English
16. Al-Jaami` — the Uniter: English
17. He Who Observes All— Ar-Raqeeb: English
18. Ash-Shakoor: The Most Appreciative: English
19. As-Samad: The Eternal Refuge: English
20. Al-Fattah – He Who Opens All Things: English
21. The Creator, the Producer, the Fashioner — Al-Khaaliq, al-Baari’, al-Musawwir: English
22. Who Has Your Trust? Al-Wakeel: English
23. Al-Haqq—The Absolute Truth: English
24. Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, Ar-Rau’f: The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, the Most Kind: English
25. Don’t Say I Have a Big Problem, Say I Have a Big God: Al-Kabeer: English
26. So We Strengthened Them with a Third: Allah’s Name Al-Azeez: English
27. Love is in Giving: Al Wadud: English
28. When was the Last Time You Witnessed a Miracle? Al Hayyiy: English
29. As-Sabur: The Patient: English
30. Who is Your Protector? Al-Hafidh, Al-Maani`, Al-Qawiyy: English
31. Every Soul Shall Taste it — Al-Mumeet: English
32. Giving Life to a Dead Heart —Al-Muhyi: English
33. Starting Anew —Al-`Afuww: English
34. He Will Always Be With You — Al-Baaqi, The Everlasting: English
35. He Has Your Back — Al-Wali: English
36. Take Your Needs to The One Who Has No Needs — Al-Ghani: English
37. All Praise is To Him, Al-Hameed: English
38. To Whom Belongs Sovereignty? Al-Qahhar: English
39. Incomparable, Unequalled — One — Al-Ahad, Al-Waahid: English
40. Who’s Been Taking Care of You All This Time? Al-Rabb: English
41. Secure Your Heart Through Faith — Al-Mu’min: English
42. Who is Really in Control? Al Maalik: English
43. There’s Room for You and Me— Al-Waasi`: English
44. When the Delivery is Late— Knower of the Unseen and the Witnessed: English
45. Al-Ba`ith: When We Are Raised Again: English
46. Allah is Sufficient — Al-Haseeb: English
47. How Far Does Your Justice Go? Al-`Adl: English
48. Seeing Beyond— He who Harms, He who Benefits — Al-Dar, Al-Nafi`: English
49. When the Timing isn’t ‘Right’ — Al-Muqaddim, Al-Mu’akhir: English

  1. Closer to You than Yourself — Allah Al-Qareeb: English
  2. Think You’ve Messed Up Bad? Allah’s Got You Covered — Al-Ghafur: English
  3. I Am With You, Hearing and Seeing: English
  4. Unimagining God: al-Quddus, the Holy, the Pure: English
  5. When You Are Not Able, Ask for Strength from the One who is Able — Al-Qadir: English
  6. The First, the Last — And Everything in Between: English
  7. He Heals the Hearts of a Believing People — Al-Shāfī: English
  8. The Protective Wing: Al-Muhaymin: English
  9. Pouring Blessings — Al-Jawad, al-Mannan: English
  10. What Passed by You was Never for You — Al-Hakam: English
  11. Do You Think You Can’t Come Back? al-Mubdi’, al-Mu`īd: English
  12. Knowing What Is Hidden — al-Khabīr: English
  13. Who is the Greatest? al-`Aliyy, al-`Aīm: English
  14. “Do not leave me to myself for the blink of an eye…” — al-ayy, al-Qayyūm: English
  15. Pay it Forward — al-Barr, aayyib, al-Musin: English
  16. Stand Firm — Allah al-Matīn: English
  17. When You See Allah’s Attributes in Everything, You Crave Closeness to Him — al-Ẓāhir al-Bāṭin: English
  18. What Do You Want to Leave Behind? Allah al-Wārith: English
  19. According to Your Circumstance — Allah al-Muqsi: English
  20. Making it All Clear — al-Mubīn: English
  21. Everyone Needs Direction — Allah ar-Rashīd: English
  22. Know That Victory Comes with Patience — Allah the Helper : English
  23. Allah — no god but He: English
  24. “To God Belong the Best Names, so Call on Him Using Them…”: English
  25. *Bonus* al-Jameel: English
  26. *Bonus* al-Jabbar: English



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Lessons in Islamic Work By Jamaal Diwan
  1. The Aid of Allah is Tied to One’s Intentions: English
  2. Worship Allah Not People: Lessons from Islamic Leadership: English
  3. A Bucket of Silver or a Handful of Gold: A Lesson on Quality Over Quantity: English
  4. What is for Allah Remains: English
  5. Appointing an Amir: English
  6. Seeking Permission: English
  7. You Can Be Replaced: English
  8. Great People Are Hard to Replace: English
  9. Never Stop Learning… For Yourself: English
  10. The Seven Under Allah’s Shade: English
  11. A Measure of Your Success is What You Leave Behind: English
  12. Understanding Overlapping Priorities: English
  13. Including Dissenting Opinions is Key: English
  14. Work for the Long Term: English

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Surat Al-Fatiha Series by Imam Suhaib Webb and Transcribed by Fuseina Mohammad

1. The Opening: English
2. The Opening II: English
3. Broadening our Comprehension of the Qur’an: English
4. Pedagogy of Mercy: English
5. Listening with Your Heart: English
6. Mother of Scripture: English
7. Cultivating Faith: English
8. Surat al-Fatiha: English
9. Worship Has Been Divided Between Allah’s Servants: English
10. Why Was Surat al-Fatiha Sent Twice?: English
11. Lessons from the Opening Chapter: English
12. Achieving Balance: English
13. The Etiquette of Du`a’: English
14. Overcoming Arrogance: English
15. Signs of Arrogance: English
16. Recognizing Arrogance: English
17. Showing Off: Minor Shirk: English
18. Different Forms of Riya’: English
19. Riya’ Through Actions: English
20. The Prayer of Shaytan: English
21. The Decree of Allah: English
22. The Three Doors of Iblees: English
23. Satan’s Seven Strategies: English
24. Small Steps to Satan: English
25. The Lesser of Two Good Deeds: English

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Reconstructing Beauty

1. Introducing a New Series: Reconstructing Beauty: English
2. Divine Beauty | by Jinan Yousef: English
3. Beauty & Body Image | by Naiyerah Kolkailah: English
4. Beautiful Muslim Women in History | by Amatullah: English
5. 16 Forever: Islam & Our Culture’s Fixation on Youth | by Shazia Ahmad : English
6. Co-ed Love for the Sake of Allah? | by Muslema Purmul: English

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Balancing Arabization According to the Qur’an and Sunnah by John (Yahya) Ederer

1. Balancing Arabization According to the Qur’an & Sunnah – Defining the Creator in English – God vs. Allah: English
2. Balancing Arabization – Names of Prophets and Naming Kids & The Language of Adam and the Hereafter: English
3. Changing a New Muslim’s Name: Custom or Religious Practice?: English
4. Does Prayer have to be in Arabic?: English
5. Should Islam Seem Foreign in a Non-Muslim Society?: English
6. Arabism vs. Universal Islam: English
7. Declaration of Faith: English
8. The Language Argument: English
9. What’s in a Name? The Names of God: English
10. Spiritual Relevance between the Original Text and Native Expression: English

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Two Hundred Word Tidbits by Shazia Ahmad

1. Two Hundred Word Tidbits: English
2. On Calling Oneself to Account: English
3. Where All Needs Are Met: English
4. Consideration for the Community: English
5. Three Steps of Knowledge: English

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Paradise and Hell by Amatullah

1. Paradise and Hell: English
2. Understanding Paradise: English
3. Who Can Escape the Fire?: English
4. Paradise: Safe and Sound: English
5. The Entrance into Hell-Fire: English
6. Entering Paradise: English
7. The Faces of the Hereafter: Humiliated and Disgraced: English
8. The Faces of the Hereafter: Radiant and Joyous: English

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We Were Commanded to Love: Muhammad ﷺ by Reehab Ramadan

1. We Were Commanded to Love: English
2. What is Love?: English
3. Signs of True Love: English
4. A Man of Character: English
5. A Man of Ultimate Consideration: English
6. A Man of Mercy: English
7. He Kept it Real: English
8. He Could Relate: English
9. The Counselor: English
10. Envisioning our Beloved: English
11. What’s in a Name?: English
12. Muhammad Loves You: English
13. Peace and Blessings: English
14. Missing the Man I Never Met: English

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How to Achieve Tranquility of the Heart by Jinan Yousef | PDF

1. How to Achieve Tranquility of the Heart: English
2. Why am I tested?: English
3. Tawakkul: Reliance on Allah: English
4. Thinking Well of Allah: English
5. Al-Jabbar: Mending the Broken Heart: English
6. What the Prophet Knew: English
7. Nothing is Ever Wasted: English
8. Yaqeen (Certainty): English
9. Give Us Rest with It, O Bilal: English
10. The Best Companions: English
11. Forgiveness: English
12. Earning His Love: English
13. A Source of Healing: English
14. All You Need to Do is Ask: English
15. Remember Me, I Will Remember You: English
16. To Become Allah’s Wali: English
17. Allah is with the Patient: English
18. Ikhlas: The Foundation: English
19. Contentment: A Paradise on Earth: English
20. Loving Allah: The Greatest Aspiration: English

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Islam and the Internet Series by VMAuthors

1. Launching: Islam & the Internet: English
2. Da’wah in the Age of iPhones | by Jannah: English
3. Guidelines to Studying Islam Online | by Amatullah: English
4. Arguing on the Internet: The Ultimate Heart Monitor | by Abdul Sattar Ahmed: English
5. The Fiqh of Facebook | by Sohaib Saeed: English
6. Facebook: The Hidden Danger | by Yasmin Mogahed: English
7. The “Sheikh Google” Phenomenon | by Muhammad Haq: English
8. Avoiding a Harmful E-Diet | by Naiyerah Kolkailah: English
9. Muslims and Cyber Relationships | by Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine: English
10. Spiritual Pitfalls of a Muslim Blogger | by Shazia Ahmad: English

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The Top Six Mistakes in Usul by Shazia Ahmad

1. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 1): English
2. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 2): English
3. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 3): English
4. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 4): English
5. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 5): English
6. The Top Six Mistakes in Usul (Part 6): English

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The Prayer Series by Jinan Yousef

1. How to Taste the Sweetness of Prayer: English | Malay
2. The Tawba of Abu Nuwas: English | Malay
3. Prayer of Ali: English | Malay
4. Beauty: English | Malay
5. Love: English | Malay
6. More Than Just Movements: English | Malay
7. Impediments Towards Tranquility: English | Malay
8. In a State of Prayer Before Prayer: English | Malay
9. Sweetness of Faith: English | Malay
10. Wudu’: English | Malay
11. Dimensions of Wudu’: English | Malay
12. From One State to Another: English | Malay
13. Humility: The Beginning of Prayer: English | Malay
14. Seeking Refuge in Allah: English | Malay
15. In the Name of God: English | Malay
16. Reflecting on Creation: English | Malay
17. The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful: English | Malay
18. Sovereign of the Day of Recompense: English | Malay
19. You Alone We Worship: English | Malay
20. Guidance Through Al-Fatiha: English | Malay
21. Allah’s Favors: English | Malay
22. “And Bow with Those Who Bow”: English | Malay
23. Allah Listens: English | Malay
24. Ruku`- The Internal Component: English | Malay
25. The Secret of Prayer – Sujood: English | Malay
26. Forgive Me: English | Malay
27. Salam from The Prophet ﷺ: English | Malay
28. The End: English | Malay

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What Would Mariam Do? by Muslema Purmul

1. What Would Mariam Do?: English
2. Mariam’s Spiritual Journey: English
3. Mariam Gave Herself to the Da`wah: English
4. Mariam’s Character: A Commitment to Modesty: English

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Becoming the Servants of the Most Merciful by John (Yahya) Ederer

1. Becoming the Servants of the Most Merciful: English
2. Humility: English
3. Forbearance and Composure: English
4. The Vigil of Standing and Prostrating: English
5. O Allah, Protect Us From Ourselves: English
6. Avoiding Failure – The Worst of Ends: English
7. Balance in Spending Our Wealth: English
8. Preserving Divine Law: English
9. The Fruits of Real Repentance: English
10. Stand for Something: English
11. Devotion to God: English
12. Family Values: English
13. Patience, Perseverance, and Fortitude: English
14. Bliss of Paradise: English
15. Understanding the Purpose of Life: English

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Muslims Making a Difference

1. Jamaica: A Muslim in the Blue Mountain: English
2. Seeking the Signs: Finding God Through Nature: English
3. Recycling Hope: My Journey to Jordan: English
4. Blanket Brigade: English
5. Climbing Mount Everest: English
6. From Tragedy Springs Hope: English
7. Fulfilling a Sacred Trust: English
8. NOUR: Where There is Injustice, You Will Find Justice: English
9. Volunteering Opportunity to Bosnia – Be Part of the MADE Journey: English
10. Better Opportunities for China’s Farmers: English
11. Helping Americans Save to Meet Financial Goals: English
12. Studio Arabiya: Teaching Arabic, Islam, and Qur’an Online: English
13. My Trip to Ghana: English
14. Muslims Who Broke My Heart: English

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