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What Every Preacher of the Eid Sermon Needs to Know

By Ustadh Fred Amir


Asalamu alaykum,

If you could please forward the following humble
suggestions for the Eid khutba to the khutba
organizers and/or khateebs. The reason I write this is
that there are so many issues facing the Ummah these
days, it is easy to lose focus of the khutbah’s topic.

1- Since for many this is the only time they come to
the masjid, please focus the khutba on the great
accomplishment of fasting for 30 days and how
that needs to translate into more taqwa and attending
masjid more than once a year. And how salat is more
important that fasting yet most people do not

2- Many teens attend the khutbah. A few words on
parental responsibily and teens is helpful in a story
form from the Seerah.

2- Eid khutbah is NOT an opportunity to solve all
local and international problems. Please keep it short
and simple and related to the occasion. Most
people attending Eid are sleep deprived, stressed out
getting the family ready, and end up parking far away.
Last thing they need is a long khutbah
that ruins all the good feelings of Ramadan.
20-25 minutes max insha’Allah.

3- Certainly we need to be mindful of the suffering of
our brothers and sisters and definitely need to ask
everyone at the end of khutbah to pray for them.
However, the same way that we do not go to a wedding
and talk about death and Hell Fire, we need to keep
Eid a joyous occasion. So I hope we can avoid
graphic details of atrocities committed on Muslims or
others in the khutbah.

The goal is to bring more of the people to come back
for Jumuah and regular prayers, not to bore or scare
them away. These are my humble suggestions.

May Allah reward you all with Firdous,

Early Eid Mubarak!


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  • Asalamalaikum wrt wb,

    Most people attending Eid are sleep deprived, stressed out
    getting the family ready, and end up parking far away.
    Last thing they need is a long khutbah.

    You really captured the moment :) May you have a happy and joyous Eid sidi Fred, Imam Suhaib, and everyone else!

  • ASKM Br. Adburahman,

    JK for your comment. Our speakers are so busy these days and there are so many issues to talk about that it is easy to lose sight of what Eid khutba is about. I have seen it happen too many times and ruin Eid festivities.

    May Allah (swt) accept our fasting, salawat, and doas and reward us all with al-Firdous.

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