Brass Crescent Awards 2010

The Brass Crescent Awards 2010 were announced recently. ( was nominated for Best Blog and Best Series of Posts; Imam Suhaib Webb was nominated for Best Tweeter. Through the mercy of Allah, we received an Honorable Mention for Best Blog and Sr. Jinan Yousef’s “How to Taste the Sweetness of Prayer” series was voted Best Series of Posts. Imam Suhaib Webb was also selected as Best Tweeter.

We wanted to thank all of our readers for the votes. Please keep those who work on the website in your du`a’ as it continues to grow and improve! May Allah accept from all of us.

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  • Mabrook! Yes, I have to admit I was a tad disappointed the site didn’t get the back-to-back wins in the Best Blog category, but MuslimMatters is also pretty sweet, ma’sha’allah. Yes, Sr. Jinan’s Salah series was just so great and beneficial by Allah’s Grace, that it just had to win. 🙂 I recently joined Twitter (though I’ve recently quit blogging) and indeed Imam Suhaib’s tweets sharing his knowledge that we all enjoy, as well as his humor that we see in his talks/khutbah, and being able to get it so instantaneously is a great thing indeed. Keep up the great work to all the writers – I am even sharing some choice posts with my khala (mom’s sister).

    Br. Ahmed

  • Alhamdulillah. Congratulation for that. I also moved by that awesome salah series. I was thinking to translate it in Bangla, but before that one of my friend already did 5 part of it. If you give permission we could publish in Bangoli sites..

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