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A Visit from one of the Great Imams in the West: Sheikh Ahmed Saad al-Azhari

By Sh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari

I was in a journey to Egypt to visit my family and more importantly my Shuyukh. Blessed more than what I thought, the journey was a big addition to me in many ways. Beside visiting the Cairo International Book Fair and getting quite nice and rare books from there, I had the chance of meeting my teacher Sheikh Shebl Matar (78 years old) and reading the narration of Qalun to him as well as the recitation of Hamzah Al-Kufi through Khalaf and Khallad all from Ash-Shatibiyyah. I have got Ijazahas from the Sheikh in these ways of recitation.

Besides, I met some of the eldest scholars of Tajweed and Qiraat in Egypt whose Isnad is considered to be of the highest; Sheikh Ali An-Nahhas who has read to `Amir `Uthman and Abder-Raziq Ahmed Al-Bakri and also narrates from his father Sheikh Muhammad Tawfiq An-Nahhas. I have got an Ijazah in Hafs from Asim and another Ijazah in Hadith from him.
I have also met Sheikh Abdel-Basit Hashim (Born 1928) and got Ijazah in Hafs from Asim and and in Al-Jazariyyah and At-Tuhfah from him. Sheikh Abdel-Basit is one of the highest Isnads in Egypt.
I have also met the blessed Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Madkoor (born 1932) who is the highest and strongest Isnad in Egypt nowadays. He read to Sheikh Ali Ad-Daba’ Sheikh of Egyptian Qurra and Sheikh Ad-Daba’ narrates from Ash-Sha`aar from Imam Al-Mutawalli. He also narrates highly from `Uthman ibn Sulayman Murad who narrates from Al-Jareesi Al-Kabeer.
I have got Ijazahs from the Sheikh in Hafs from Ash-Shatibiyyah and At-Tayyibah and an Ijazah in Matn As-Salsabeel Ash-Shafi which he narrates from the author directly and got an Ijazah in Manzoomat Qasr Al-Munfasil of Sheikh `Uthman Murad as well and Al-Jazariyyah as well.
With all these blessings, I have also had the chance to meet my brother and friend Sheikh Abu Shifaa Suhaib Webb al-Azhari whom I enjoyed the company of very much, he read to me Al-Jazariyyah and I gave him Ijazah in it as well as a general Ijazah. We also got an Ijazah from him in Shama’il At-Tirmidhi.
I have also met, by mere conincidence, Sheikh Yahya Hawwa one day when I was in the fair and it was a very nice and pleasant thing.
I also enjoyed the company of Br. Suhaib Saeed al-Azhari from Scotland who is studying Arabic at the moment in Egypt. May Allah bless all our Shuyukh and give them long life and benefit us with their knowledge.
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  • May Allah preserve the Qurra from Egypt and also all over the world. May Allah also help us from the West learn from these masters inshaa allah.

    It is a great honor to have authentic Ijaza from Shuyukh. I urge any hafidh to work towards this, as your recitation will trace back to the Prophet SAW.

  • AS

    Oh Egypt how I love you so but yearn just as much for you to be free and return to your place of dignity may Allah aid you my mother.


  • Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah
    سيدي الشيخ المهيب *** من تسمى بصهيب
    جمع الله لك الـــــــــ**** أجر على هذا النصيب
    وعفا عني بجود **** ووقاني من عيوب
    وجزى الأشياخ عنا **** خير ما يجزي الرقيب
    وأدام العلم فينا **** إنه نعم المجيب
    Your Brother Abu Muhammad

  • assalamu alikum akhi
    Just to reassure you, i do not know what is the link between mowlid of imam Ali and my website…I donot have a website by the way, it is blog and do not know how is that linked…you need to make sure of things before you speak about them..
    As for the Fiqhi view on Mawlids, you should check Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyas view before you talk or seek refuge…jazaka Allah Khairan

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