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In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Ever had them moments, where you hear a song, and it brings back all those memories of a certain time period, from the smell, atmosphere of that particular time.. whether it be the summer days where you’d be cruising in your cars, wind brushing through your hair, and that great summery feeling where you begin to miss it, Or maybe the hard times you had been through, that bring you back all those sad feelings, and it rushes back to you?

It’s said, you can’t fully appreciate faith unless you’ve experienced jahillyya.

Some time ago, before Allah had guided me. I don’t recall much, everything seems a blur. It seems as I was in a daze. All it was, was me and my music. Life didn’t carry any meaning, just take each day as it comes. Everyone knew me for my craze about Music, from Hip Hop, Pop, Arabic, Rap, Dance, House and the list goes on. Even my teacher knew about my craze. I’d never leave my walkman or discman (iPods weren’t out then), that’s the only thing I paid attention to. If my battery was low that morning, even though I’d be running late for school or college, I would go to the nearest store to buy new batteries. Rather than sit and talk within my group of friends, I would prefer listening to my music. Nothing in life gave me contentment and life was empty. Regardless of what parents would say, or what people spoke about in terms of deen, it seemed as though I was veiled from it.

Music was the only thing that gave me my energy for the day, and when it turned off, I would feel lost and empty again. What kept me so glued to this nonsense? It was fake feeling of happiness I’d get, which only reached the surface of my heart, and nothing beyond it. It was only today, someone had been playing Tupac, and I remember listening to his song ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, I would listen to it before I slept, some days it would bring tears to my eyes… I was struggling inside, but didn’t know why, something felt missing from my life,  and I didn’t know what was making me feel so lost. I’d have days, where once I woke up, all I was looking forward to was bed time, these times were when I didn’t have to think. When I look back and think about his now, it feels cheap to know I was like this once upon a time.

I remember thinking to myself once, I wish I had a written guide which would tell me what to and how to do it.

You watch people chase after Rock Stars, Rap Artists, Pop stars, and go out of their ways to even catch a glimpse of them, they’d have their rooms made into so called shrines of their favourite artists. You go to concerts, or see on TV how those at the front be almost climbing on top of each other to touch their hands, or even get a glimpse from them.

Sometimes, you’d hear about people telling their events in their life, how a song gave them hope and made them believe. It’s what grows their attachment to them. Magazines are plastered with their junk, about how many spots they may have on their forehead, or how greasy their hair may have been one morning while coming out to get the paper. You’ll see a lot of girls with their heads buried in this garbage, and making it seem like its their business, and concern themselves with what doesn’t concern them or bring any benefit.

You’ll watch as kids get older, they go through a phase of being Tupac Fanatics. You’ll notice this particularly amongst youth subcultures, who made had have hard times in their life and resort to violence. They become fanatics, because they feel they can relate to him. It’s been 12 years since he died, and you get kids feeling like they can relate to him and perceive him as their role model. There’s no doubt in saying Tupac was a talented writer, but how he articulated his talent let him down.

Everyone needs a guide in life, a source of motivation, hope, and inspiration. It’s what humans seek and need. Something to give security, and guarantee. The words of Pop stars work for some, but the words that are being produced come from their own in built ideas, experiences, you’ll see the same garbage being reproduced, and it moves with the time frame and those words people seek direction from, whether directly or indirectly. There are no foundations in the ideas being generated, but what the human mind has managed to make understanding from on the basis of their own intellect alone, without any good certain foundations.

Islam gives us good foundations to build our ideas upon. We have The Prophet (saw) the most perfect being who walked on the surface of this earth, who Allah has opened our eyes to and made us realise, who was the walking Shariah, character, thinking, morals, etiquette, sources of inspiration and patience, built on Allah’s (swt) law. Scholars’ works, lectures, deriving from Allah’s guidance – Rabul Alameen – helps us fit within our time frames, and cope with the dilemmas our time gives us. It gives us guarantee, and rids us of uncertainty, and erases the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘should have, would have and could haves’.

The effect to which music has on ones mind, and the false sense of hope and energy it gives, Islam gives us its truest form, which nothing on the face of this earth can give. Which relates to what Ibrahim al-Adham (May Allah have mercy on him) said “If the kings knew the happiness and pleasure that we feel in our hearts, they would come and try to take it away from us with the tips of their swords”.

I pray Allah guides us all, and opens the hearts of those who are lost, to the truth. Ameen

Any good of this is from Allah, and any errors are from myself.

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Aysha Khanom

Aysha Khanom

Aysha is from the United Kingdom. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 2009 and is currently working as a teacher. She is working on establishing a Muslim women’s organization in the United Kingdom to facilitate efforts to gain knowledge, parenting, and other areas of need. She has contributed to writing for Al-Ameen Newspaper in Canada, Sama Ghazal Poetry Collection Book, and other magazines based in the UK. Her dream is to see justice in the world again, not only between nations, but also between individuals.

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  • Assalamu alaykum. What you said was very true.

    Look at how disgusting the youth and society in general has become. To stay up all night for the sake of fulfilling your own nafs at the cost of your own safety and the worry of your family is just so disgusting to me. Subhannallah, look at the example the Prophet (S). This man would stay up all night, thinking about Allah (SWT), crying about all of the blessings he has given us, and begging Allah (SWT) for forgiveness. This man’s beard would be soaked with tears just as a sponge in water every single night. His feet would be swollen from standing in tahajud all night long, even though Allah (SWT) has already forgiven him.

    Look at us today. Some of us can’t even pray Isha at night because we’re too tired or its too long, but when it comes to the Dunyaa, for some reason, we have energy to play GTA or MGS or Call of Duty ALL NIGHT LONG, or go on some movie marathon with friends, or even wake up at fajr for the sake of watching the Dark Night(which is a good movie, but that’s besides the point).

    We need to make the intention to pray our salah and spend more time doing zhikr. We also need to make the intention to help those whose hearts are plagued with the disease called Dunyaa come back to Islam because what many of us don’t realize is our role on this Earth is not merely self purification: it also encompasses the purification of society itself. The Prophet (S) came for that very reason, to remind people about Allah (SWT) and Islam. We need to carry on that legacy of the Prophet (S). We need to be the messengers of the messengers of Rasullullah (S) because this is his sunnah. We cannot be selfish when it comes to this type of work. Allah (SWT) will question us on the Day of Judgment how we spent our lives, whether we spent our lives selfishly or selflessly.

    I ask Allah (SWT) to forgive for my sins and to forgive me if I said anything wrong. Anything good that comes out of this discussion is from Allah, and anything bad comes from myself or the Shaytan.

  • asalaamu alaykum, i agree with everything you wrote in this article, it is very true, thank you for writing

  • great point, mashAllah, I can definitely relate to this, and see the widespread effects of it now that I’ve waken up. SubhanAllah.

  • Asalaam mu alaikum,
    Just happen to stumble across your article while researching Islam, I am 26 years old I was born a Muslim. I have spent my whole life in jahilya only now have I come to realise I was Muslim only by name. My action’s were that of a non-muslim. But today I have made a solemn promise to myself I will research Islam and strive towards the path of Allah all mighty.
    Jazakallah for this article.

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