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Chronic Pain A Test From Allah [Part Two]

By Ustadh Fred Amir


In an earlier post here I explained how chronic pain
is a test from Allah (swt), and how I managed, by His
grace, to recover from months of pain and disability.

Here I provide a list of conditions caused by
repressed anger, anxiety, and frustrations and later
offer you more insight. The conditions listed here can
be eliminated or alleviated using the Nine-Step Rapid
Recovery Plan.

• Head and mouth: dizziness, ringing in the ear,
migraine headaches, TMJ, teeth grinding, canker soars

•Cardiopulmonary System: asthma, sinusitis, hay fever,
palpitations, some types of high blood pressure,
chronic bronchitis

•Skin: rash, acne, hives, psoriasis

•Gastrointestinal: Colitis, heart burn, hiatus hernia,
spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, cramps and/or
chronic Diarrhea not caused by an infection

•Genitourinary System: prostatitis, frequent urination

•Legs, knees, and Feet: tendonitis, chondromalacia,
bone spurs, neuroma, planatar fasciitis, leg cramps

•Shoulder, arms and hands: carpal tunnel syndrome,
bursitis, tennis elbow

Other manifestations of repressed anger:
subclinical depression
anxiety Attacks
chronic fatigue syndrome
hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
some acquired allergies
bell’s palsy

Last but not least, spasms in diaphragm, chest, and
lungs can lead to hiccups, angina, and asthma

At this point let me explain what were the causes of
anger and tension in my life, which were the real
causes of my pain.

They had to do with my marriage and my parents. They
were nothing out of the ordinary. We all experience
problems and tensions in our relationships with our
parents, spouses, children, friends, and co-workers;
what is important is to realize the limitations in our
capacity to please others and to cope with chronic
anger, resentment, and stress.

It is vital to understand that, as calm and in control
as we might appear on a conscious level, there is a
part of us all deep within, on the subconscious level,
that may resent certain aspects of a relationship or a
situation, be it at home or at work. Unless those
troubling issues are resolved through mutual respect
and good communication, or through positive changes in
our circumstances, it is quite natural to expect
physical manifestations of the repressed anger,
anxiety, and tension in the form of bodily aches and

I have to admit I was also quite surprised at how
easily I could resolve the same issues that were
sources of chronic anger and anxiety in my life in
order to live much more happily and healthily. I
dedicated the last chapter in my book to discussing
empowering concepts and strategies that have helped me
stay pain-free and healthy.

I hope what you read here was helpful to you. It is
easy to get discouraged in the face of chronic pain or
other chronic conditions day after day and night after
night. But you should continue to ask Allah (swt) for
His help and mercy, look for a cure, and never, ever,
give up!

Fred Amir

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  • i just had my second child and my ususal back and shoulder pain just got worse, every day i go to bed with a hard back and stiff neck only to wake up for more. my marriage is not unusually stressful, with a 3 yr old who is going through the usual insecurity with the new born and a husband who is back in school. i must say i have seen worse but i have no idea when is the pain going to stop. i have almost given up on any remedial intervention other than short of a miracle. could you please throw some light on the 9 steps that got you back on track. i would like to find out if the origin of my problems are physiological or stress related. how can i know that?

  • Asalamo alaykum Sr. Lubna,

    Shaikh Suhaib brought your excellent question to my attention.

    As I mentioned above, sometimes the circumstance may not appear all that bothersome, but deep inside it can create a great deal of rage and anger and lead to changes in our bodies, such as reduction of blood flow to muscles and nerves, indigestion, allergies, etc. I discuss all these in more detail in my book. I know one brother who developed severe hay fever when his twin girls were born. Deep inside, he was angry at the level of time and effort and care they took, not to speak of lack of sleep. My purpose here was to create an awareness of this condition. I have explained in detail in Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain your question. May Allah grant you good health soon.

  • People are tested according to their level of faith. Some are tested for day some months and some for even years and the test brings us closer to Allah if we remain patient and keep praising Allah… La illah ha il Allah there is none worthy of worship except Allah Glory be to Allah and all praise under all circumstances.

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