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Nepal Quake Quake: Coincidence or Reminder?

By Sara Altaf




The world is shaken,

By the shaking of Nepal

The destruction of buildings

The collapsing of homes

The loss of lives therein.

Is there a lesson?


Was this incidence just a coincidence?


But how could it be a coincidence,

For we witness the world

As it remains discomposed by the tragedy.


We wonder

How did this happen?

An earthquake of such a magnitude!


Then another question creeps in our minds

An indispensable question.


“Why did it happen?”


Could there be a lesson for humanity?

For, surely, this is not the first time in history

That the land beneath us has trembled

That man-made infrastructure has crumbled

That our loved ones have suffered

Or even passed away.


Is any-One controlling

All that has occurred?

For we know the earth is just too majestic

To be moved by man.


Was this occurrence an awakening alert for mankind?


A reminder

That this life we live

This earth we stand on

Is not eternal.


There is a bigger reality.

The HereAfter.

The AfterLife.


It is a moment to reflect.

To snap out of heedlessness

To get back on track

And to prepare for the final quake,

That marks the beginning of the HereAfter.

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