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How al-Shattibi Studied

By Dr. ‘Ammar al-‘Awani | Translated by Suhaib Webb


“Godly inspired talents are gifts from Allah bestowed upon His servants. However, these gifts, if not refined and directed by a sound and well defined educational method, will bring about limited fruits of action that fail to reach others.

Imam al-Shattibi, with his blessed intellect, and wealth of understanding, took upon his shoulders a clearly defined methodology that lead him to perfect any science. Thus, he, Allah’s mercy upon him, would not mix subjects together, nor would he abandon a subject until he accomplished four things:

  1. Master it completely
  2. Be conversant in the subject
  3. Understand what the subject demanded
  4. Possess the ability to defend it from the doubts and attacks thrown at it

Whoever investigates these conditions well, will maintain that these steps form a complementary set of tools that lead to an excellent education methodology.”

Al-Ijtihad wa Dawabituhu ‘end al-Imam al-Shattibi

Dr. ‘Ammar al-‘Alwani pg. 18

Translated by Suhaib Webb

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