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Ordinary eye of mine prying into deepening sky

Alas, you cannot see an end to the sprawling ether,

Like you cannot see an end to the Lord’s mercy

Lo, His mercy is beyond human meter

And peer as you do closely at the sprawling galaxies manifest

How you overlook the evident – as these lines attest!

Immanent in the multitudes is He.

Marking the helices of my blood, in the waves that drum my ears-

Minutely pounding within so that the cochlear seashell hears!

As they wind their paths into my thought and memory chips

Coiled waves spiral into the whorls of my fingertips

Ultimate in the heard and unheard, in the seen and unseen

Lord of what is, what will be, and what once has been

All woven from a common concentricity:

The original singularity, a stringy density.

Evidence of the Creator of all things.

Blessed by the remembrance of You when I have

Lost and forgotten the memory of cooling refuge,

Undone in the blistering heat of my own just desert

Evaporated and thirsting for the tender deluge-

Parched and dry, how the Book brings me to taste the tranquility of weeping!

Resplendent stratosphere. atmosphere, the ionosphere of a single tear

Is layered and layered with the springs of prayers

Nourishing the desolate heart so that new life will appear

Truly, for I am ever in need of Your mercy.

In the weighty pregnant stillness is He, in the subtlest quickening

Magnified in the ripening, the budding, the rising, in the leavenings

Maneuvering mornings to become afternoons which mature into evenings

Adorning the moon in its waxing and its waning,

Conjuring the clouds to unleash the longed for raining

Unto the seed of being, in the nucleus of burgeoning awareness

Lying within leafy growths and barren desert bareness

All that is created and raised and given shade

Tempering all that will wither away and eventually degrade-

Evidence of the Creator in all things.

Dare I forget that I am to meet You?

Ever Present are You and ever Aware

Surely I am already standing before You

Inside that moment of Reckoning, where

Glorious God will I encounter, in an Hour sublime

Nudged apart we are, only by mere, created Time.

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Anam Majeed

Anam Majeed

Anam Majeed is a postgraduate student with a background in International Relations and the Biological Sciences. She enjoys reading about history, politics, and medicine, and likes to write about current affairs and society.

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