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Jihad on Terrorism Documentary: The Truth about Jihad in Islam

In a documentary produced by the Bridges Foundation, a brief background about Islam is explained and the proper definition, historical context, and current interpretation of jihad in Islam are expounded upon by Muslim scholars and leaders including Imam Suhaib Webb, Fadel Soliman, and Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick. They are also joined by academics and scholars from various universities such as Dr. Robert Pape, Dr. Gunnar Westberg, and Dr. Samuel Pierce who share current research and information about terrorism and it’s lack of connection to Islam.


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  • I viewed the complete 1 hour 39 minutes documentary. Perhaps it is one of the most comprehensive presentation on the subject. It is commendable that the presentors did a thorough job in presenting the correct perspective from Quran.

    May Allah increase the Knowledge of the presentors and give them the courage, wisdom and Guidance to counter the current Islamophobia prevelant in the neo-con media and institutions.

  • An amazing documentary. I’ve seen more facts(relevant and supporting) in this documentary than in any other. Thank You, Dir. Fadel Soliman and the rest of the crew.

    I also wish to see a teaser or trailer for these kinds of documentaries. If senseless movies can have short trailers to hook minds into watching those whole things, why can’t these relevant documentaries have them? We should sell these ideas. And it shouldn’t be hard with the technology we got today.

    Jazak’ Allah Khairan

  • im a muslim, but im lack of knowledge of islam … 1 thing for sure i believed in Allah, and Jihad is a what u all have explained. selfbomber is only a wasteless.. we can change people of non muslim by words an example of good. i wish i could do something for my relegion and spread to others non muslim.

  • Does anyone know if there is a version with french subtitles or voiceover? I woould like to share this video with french-speakers but I could not find it.


  • Thanks for the documentary. Very informative and thought provoking.

    Smart leaders who cannot define terrorism even though they spent 2 days trying to define the word. No wonder, things are not going well in this world.

    I will share this documentary with other people. Knowledge is key.

    Thanks again,


  • Awesome MashaAllah ! Thats what we really need to let others understand us, I hope this can be presented on their media like Netflix

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