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Let Us Sit Down and Believe For A While

So `Abdullah ibn Rawahah (RAA), whenever he met one of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), used to say, “Come, let us believe in our Lord for a while.” When the Prophet (PBUH) heard about this, he said, “May Allah have mercy on Ibn Rawahah, for he loves the gatherings that the angels feel proud to attend.”

Let us sit down and believe for a while…

In the dappled sunlight of this June afternoon

Amongst the swaying leaves and the violet bloom

I promise not to ramble on about economic pacts

I will not bore you with depressing trade facts

And partake neither in vain babble nor pretension-

But instead marvel at the exquisite surface tension,

Of a single drop of tender dew

Serenely dripping into view.


Sunlight plays delicately on the Noor and grace

That illuminate your gentle face

Oh my friend, let us sit down and believe for a while

Lest we stray towards the less worthwhile

Pursuits and pleasures and lofty attitudes

And conceits and egos of great altitudes-

I would rather be inspired by this beleaguered ant,

Resolutely forging towards the garden plants!

(A noble ant, whether it can make it or it can’t).


My friend, let us sit down and believe for a while

Let us pray Asr and then directly after

Deeply contemplate the nearing Hereafter

And pray and pray and sometimes ruminate

And ask for forgiveness in this humble state.

The trees will securely shade our prostrate forms

Swathed and billowing in cotton storms!

And I hope and hope, and I pray and pray

To be as securely shaded on Judgement Day.


My friend, let us sit down and believe for a while

Lest we get caught up in some erring lifestyle

And so do not reflect upon His creation or ponder

And idle away the afternoons in petty squander

No, let us sit down and believe for a while

No matter what the task or worldly trial.

And may we never come to sorrow at this day’s end

That we spent in prayer with a believing friend-

For we sat down with a smile, we sat down and believed awhile.

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Anam Majeed

Anam Majeed

Anam Majeed is a postgraduate student with a background in International Relations and the Biological Sciences. She enjoys reading about history, politics, and medicine, and likes to write about current affairs and society.

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