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Our creation, Tests and Evils of the Ages

By Suhaib Mia

As with reference to a higher purpose to our creation, tests and evils of the ages….

We have been appreciated in history as ‘beings’ of mass achievement and reform throughout the years and most victory relates to greed via wars and differences in opinions. To be fair a big number of achievements are improvements on quality of life in the west, better provisions of aid in the rest of the world, increase in unity of civilistaion and better sharing of knowledge and freedom.

Today we face different wars and battles for different kinds of achievements that some may consider route causes of evil, in terms of new ‘ways of thinking’, new acceptances associated with new perspectives and opinions that one may consider again ‘normal’ but in actual fact Haram, unjust or somewhat immoral.

You may disagree but I suppose we now face battles in the newer generations who tranquilly adapt to a new materialistic world almost instantaneously with widely available media and entertainment making new norms in terms of whats appreciated in todays society.

This is a war that is being faced by our parents and those still with us from previous generations, who are watching traditions being rebuilt, cultures cherry picked to suit those in question and family morals being compromised to adjust to these new norms of pre marital relationships, fashions, vocal terminology and respect.

Its difficult to distinguish these norms as their imprinted and sewn so well into todays age that they go unnoticed and sometimes are hidden so well that people have become over accustomed to disappointment, fake happiness, short term satisfactions and carrying on in life being ever hurt and depressed and thus oppressing in their minds looking towards Allah for the satisfaction that most presume buying or spending ect will satisfy. Reason being that unfortunately modern day priorities place seeking for wealth, relationships and image as the things requiring worship for hope of peace and tranquility!


The ‘haque’ (truths) will always surface no matter what age or generations passes.

The voice of Islam is getting louder and echoing more times around the world than before and assumed evils and the test we face are being ever more understood by those realizing our time here is temporary and test we face are nothing more but reminders and chances to chose the righteous paths if we so wish. However any influence on society no matter how long for, or how apparent will always come to eventually fade.

We see that Islam has once again prevailed in that their is an increase and strengthening of Muslims returning to the faith and non Muslims finding more meaning in their lives by finding their place in Islam.

The ‘haque’ (truths) will always surface.

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  • on the death of my father-

    Oceans of Regret-

    I have this ocean of regret drowing my heart and I just wish I could go back and do everything different with my father. As the hour of God drew near- I felt a trembling of the universe in my soul and I knew he would be leaving soon- going away from my window his shadow and for him their useless voices dissapeared- nothing remained for him, not even a parking meter sawed off by the passerby named man. We think so big of ourselves- but when the hour of God drew near- he didnt want to stay here in a world of useless tears doing him no good except the whispers of Yaasin in his sweet senses… a powerful murmur of a prayer comforting a tired young man running from a million sad cities centuries behind and light years away… at the moment of submission ,blues reds and greys in his eyes telling a story of an unseen and unavoidable situation- death came to collect and when it was their turn, I never thought it would be mine- When the angels revealed themselves he knew it was time… wallking towards to the spirit of the sun, a glance back at his loved ones who wondered in dispair. It is then I felt close to death while looking a thousand miles into the eyes of one submitting his fate to God’ masterpiece. I hope I see him under the tree of Ibrihim sitting there playing with the children along with the prophets of God. He was a real old school type of man and he worked knee deep in it and never complained once. and when the hour drew upon him , he never knocked at the knees but submitted like a man and accepted to Allah we belong and to Allah we return

    But I know I cant go back and do everything different- only now is what matters I can still benefit his soul by trying to submit to the Will of Allah and do what He wants from me. Easier said than done- That creature named time will soon come to you and I, we are next in line, I only hope we submit to Allah and our hearts say the right words; InshAllah May Allah guide our tongues. See you on the other side Pap and may Allah make us all from the people of the sirat, crossing over with lightning speed… see you on the other side Pap, I hope…

    “Death is the ultimate alarm clock… it wakes you up”… see you on the other side

    Faisal Ansari

  • Asalamu alaykum,

    Suhaib! That was very inspiring and I hope to see more from you. I’m in Alexandria and this was a much needed hit for faith.


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