Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith Seeking Knowledge

Love, Sweat and Honor

Translated by Suhaib Webb

Mālik mentioned that a man related to him the statement of Imām Sa’īd bin Muṣayyib:1

“If I could, I would travel all night to collect one narration of the Prophet (pbuh).”

Muhammad ibn Rushd wrote:

“This is an example of his sacrifice and struggle in acquiring the knowledge of hadith and its superiority. Because of this, he became the leading scholar of his age earning the title “Master of the Tab’īn (students of the Companions of the Prophet).”

  1. Al-Bayan wa al-Tahṣil wa al-Sharḥ wa al-Tawjih wa al-T’alil fi Masil al-Mustakhrijah (Vol. 18 pg. 432)

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  • Bismillah
    I am in awe of how Imam Malik integrated in his approach to the Sunnah the sciences of hadith and of the Amal of Medina. Radhi Allahu Anhu

  • As-Salamu Alaykum ya Ustadh Suhaib,

    Could you have a regular section on ahadith? I would really like to learn more about Hammam ibn Munabbiah (ra).


    Shaaz… (laysa shaadh)

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