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The Relationship between Fiqh and Tasawwuf: Sidi Ahmed Zaruq [may Allah have mercy on him]

By Sidi Ahmed Zaruq  | Translated by Suhaib Webb


“Thus, a legal scholar [faqih] can censure (the actions) of a sufi. But it is not correct for a sufi to check a legal scholar [faqih]. And it is a must that Sufism takes fiqh as its reference (for right and wrong) and it is (acceptable) to rely on fiqh while excluding tasawuf. However, it is not sufficient to rely on tasawuf to the exclusion of fiqh. Nay, it will not be correct without it. Nor is it allowed to rely on it without (being referenced) to fiqh.” Qawa’id al-Tasawuf pg. 15.


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