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Who are the Scholars of this Age?

Answered by Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi | Translated by Suhaib Webb


“Are there qualified scholars in this century? If so, where are they found? How do we know who the scholars are?”


“Of course! There are a large number of scholars (of Islamic law) found in every country in the world. Most are found in the scholarly councils created by scholars- the fiqh council in al-Azhar, Jedda, Mecca, Qatar and the European Fatwa Council. Scholars are recognized by their contemporaries who bear witness to their knowledge and integrity.”

Translated from al-Shari’ah wa al-Haya

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  • Dear shiekh webb, Salamu Alikum

    My greeting and respect for your teaching and your great personality. I want to know you well and stay in touch with you so i can leran more about my religion from a person who love the Religion like you and he is sincere.

    I want to discuss with you also a personal matter I want to meet with you. Will you give me the oppurtunity to talk with you in person.

    I want to thank you for the great speach at Salam. It was elating to hear you.
    Take care and fe aman allha


    • As far as The Holy Quran and Sunna are concerned the scholars are successors of the the holy prophet. The prophets acquired their knowledge from Almighty Allah. So the real scholars of the Islam are not those who got academic certificates and social recognition . Their duty is the same that the prophets have undertaken by teaching the kalima and making the mankind informed of The Creator ALLAH. IMAM GAZZALI says “The Scholars are not those who reads or bi heart books.When he forgets it he will turn ignorant. The scholars are those who have acquired the knowledge from Almighty Allah

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