How to Win the Free Ella Collins Seminar for #GlobalQiyam4Syria

Dear readers,

We are astounded by the incredible response to the call for a Global Qiyam for Syria. May Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) accept our prayers, and grant the Syrian people justice.


How to Win the Free Ella Collins Seminar*

1. Post details and pictures of your event on the and the Ella Collins Institute Facebook pages. Please include your location, the number of attendees at your event, and a general idea of the program.

2. Email an official entry into the competition by emailing with the approximate number of attendees, contact information for the organizers, and pictures/details of the event.

*The free ECI seminar is only for the continental U.S.

Locations that are Hosting a Qiyam this Friday:
Boston, Massachusetts: ISBCC, at 9pm
South Africa: MSA Union of South Africa, Wits University Jamaat Khana, 6:45pm
Tabuk, Saudia Arabia
If your qiyam program is not included on the list above, comment below! We encourage all participants to post pictures on the and Ella Collins Institute Facebook pages so that the Syrian people know we stand in solidarity with them.

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