Introducing: Summer Nights 2010 (Register Here!)

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We present to you a summer full of nightly lectures to rejuvenate your faith and gain knowledge of your religion. These will be FREE of charge, and will be conducted through webinars (online or by calling in). Our teachers and volunteers have worked very hard to organize this for you, so I hope you will remember us in your du’as (supplications) and will join us!

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List of Courses (click the title to register!)

Developing a functional felationship with the Qur’an
Introduction to the Maliki Fiqh
Principles of Da’wah from the lives of the Sahaba (r)
An introduction to Aqida Tahawiyyah
Imam Abu Hanifa (r) and his school
Fiqh of Purification according to the Shafi’i School from Abi Shuja
Fiqh of Prayeraccording to the Shafi’i School from Abi Shuja
An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith – Preservation, Compilation, and Terminology
How to make Da’wah in America
Introduction to the Qur’an Scien

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