Introducing: Summer Nights 2010 (Register Here!)

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We present to you a summer full of nightly lectures to rejuvenate your faith and gain knowledge of your religion. These will be FREE of charge, and will be conducted through webinars (online or by calling in). Our teachers and volunteers have worked very hard to organize this for you, so I hope you will remember us in your du’as (supplications) and will join us!

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List of Courses (click the title to register!)

Developing a functional felationship with the Qur’an
Introduction to the Maliki Fiqh
Principles of Da’wah from the lives of the Sahaba (r)
An introduction to Aqida Tahawiyyah
Imam Abu Hanifa (r) and his school
Fiqh of Purification according to the Shafi’i School from Abi Shuja
Fiqh of Prayeraccording to the Shafi’i School from Abi Shuja
An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith – Preservation, Compilation, and Terminology
How to make Da’wah in America
Introduction to the Qur’an Scien

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    • Were the classes recorded last year? If so, can you post a link? I’ve never encountered them despite asking several times….

  • Assalamualeikum

    The lectures will be recorded and they will be webinars. The times vary according to the schedule of the instructors. We tried our best to keep in mind the prayer times and tried to keep lectures in the evening. More information on times and registration will be posted soon inshaAllah.

  • Salaams

    Is the hadith one taking registrations yet? Also it would be easier to register once we know timings insha’Allah.


    • Wa aleikum salaam wa rahmatullah,

      The courses that do not have links are not taking registration yet. You can view the times for the courses when you click the links to register.


  • As salaamu alaykum,
    If there are texts associated with each course, can you please let us know so that we can prepare?


  • Has the staff made available the recordings of the sessions from last year’s Summer Nights Program? Specifically, I am looking for the History of Islamic Legislation course that was taught by Imam Yusuf Rios.

  • Can we just go ahead and register for all the classes at once!?!?, cuz i dont want to forget to regsiter for the other ones. And say to myself that i thought i registered when i missed some classes!!

    i dont care if the time changes – big deal, as long as i’m on the list i’ll be notified. everything is inshallah so let me register now so my mind can rest – lol!

  • Assalamu alaykum,

    I am eager to sign up for a couple of the courses by may miss the first two since I will be out of town until July. Are the classes being recorded for students and if so can they be made available when students miss in order to catch up before the next dars? Jazakallah khayr.

  • Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah,
    what happened to the matn of Ashmaawi (and the usool al fiqh of the Maliki madhhab)?
    It was started, just for two lessons. Are you think to restart it in the next (near)
    Wa jazaakumu Allaahu khayran
    wassalaamu alaykum

    • I have the same question. Teaching an introduction of the Maliki school was offered when you all first announced the webinar, but then it changed. It would be nice if that course was re-offered.

      • Unfortunetely, the course will not be offered this summer. The teacher who selected this topic is no longer available.

        JAK, AAWRWB

  • salaam
    I am interested in the Tasawwaf by Sheikh Suhaib, will we be able to access these from UK? if not through the webinar, will they be uploaded to this website also as they go on?

  • Asalmoalykum,
    Will the recording of Fiqh of Purification & Fiqh of Prayer according to Shafi’i school be available to view after for those who’ve not been able to register ?


  • Dear sir
    i hopen these lecture will provide me in my country like pakistan. i am in pakistan so how i get ur lectures of muslim in pakistan do u have any idea to transfer it to whole of world.

  • salamalaykoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatou

    Thanks for the courses !! May Allah blessing you

    I just wanna know when the course of tasswuf will start ?

    Ramadan Moubarak

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