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Saturday: Prayers for the Oppressed recently made a call for a Global Evening of Qiyam for Egypt and then for Libya. With pledges from America, England, Malaysia, Mecca, Egypt, and Canada, alhamdulillah our readers responded! May Allah accept all of our prayers and efforts, and may they continue for all the countries in the region facing similar struggles, some even more dangerous.
To every organization, masjid, youth group, MSA, and individual that responded– please keep praying for your brothers and sisters in the region, and please keep organizing efforts to help them!

We request that Muslims all over the world plan to stand in qiyam (night prayer) before our Lord this coming Saturday, to pray for those who are suffering in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Japan and elsewhere. May He grant justice, patience and peace to those who are struggling for the cause of truth, and struggling simply to live; may He bless them with guidance and His mercy.

Please try to come together in worship, so that Allah may count us amongst those who stood for their brothers and sisters. Du`a’ (supplication) is the weapon of the believer, for it is a direct connection to the Lord of all the Worlds.

Here are just a couple of pictures from different qiyam programs that were held:

AlhamduliAllah, we followed your advice and had Qiyam here in Toledo, Ohio, at the Masjid Saad Foundation mosque.” – University of Toledo MSA

Toledo, Ohio


Toledo, Ohio

“Our community resides in South Texas, literally about 15-20 minutes away from the Mexican-Texas Border. Our community is small, however, we try our best to do the most we can for our fellow Muslims.”





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