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Website Blackout: #LiftTheSiege

On Friday, July 18, joined a host of other Muslim websites in an online blackout in support of Gaza. Our press release, explaining the online protest, is below.

Prominent American-Muslim Websites Initiate Online Blackout
Internet Protest to Call Attention to Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

(7/18/2014) — Today, five of the largest American-Muslim websites are simultaneously participating in an online blackout to raise awareness about the ongoing Israeli incursion in Gaza that has claimed more than 200 Palestinian lives–most of them civilian according to the United Nations–and one Israeli life. The websites have shut down for 24 hours, and redirected viewers to a message prompting them to take action around the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

SEE: Four Out of Every Five Palestinians Killed in Gaza Have Been Civilians, UN Reports

The first-of-its-kind online protest organized by American-Muslims aims to mobilize community members to advocate for Palestinian human rights. The daily estimated audience of the websites is more than 80,000.

What: Onlineblackout to raise awareness about the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza
When: July 18, 2014
Participating Organizations(in alphabetical order):  | | |  |

The group of websites is calling for an immediate ceasefire to prevent the further loss of innocent lives, and advocating for a just, comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It condemns the violence that has led to trauma on both sides. Visitors to the sites are being urged to contact their local representatives in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom in order to express their concerns over the growing humanitarian crisis.

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  • Assalam alikum
    Brother from. Last one week I am continuously reading article on this site, this is very helpful. And reading thoughts of my brothers and sisters are very appreciative, I beg Allah that He May allow his consent to act us of what we have written and speak so confidently.
    Brother what I feel that Muslim participants in government and in many organisation is just on finger tips, if for instance you take media ,what majority is watching is western channels ,not talking about Arab country but in non Arabian countries where Muslim community is in minority the major news about Muslims which make a good impact on the majority population is neglected this is my opinion the news whose only thing is to make an injury to a Muslim community is shown, this double standard perspective is a major key to add a flaw to our religion and gives a chance to others to intrude in our thoughts, this I think can be drawn out only by our participation in these fields and to enhance our support in our community. Beside these one and most important factor is education, which our community is over lacking. The place I live can be seen with a Muslim community doing household work,mending cycles, making punctures, doing electric wiring, these works are not bad but the age which is meant for taking education is spent in these work and upcoming life is spoiled and this vicious circle goes on an on, and entire generation is spoilt.
    Which is very necessary to mend as soon as possible. Allah grant us help.

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