Poetry & Fiction Prophet Muhammad

A Chosen Man

By Ismahan Abdullahi



In the darkest hour, your light arose.

When souls were lost, wandering aimlessly,

seeking that which they did not know,

Out came a Prophet, from Allah and Allah alone.

When truth was forgotten, mixed in with illusions,

In the depths of darkness, hearts hard and frozen

A honorable man from Quraysh was surely chosen.


Beauty and radiance brighter than the full moon,

Your character was that of the noble Quran,

Walking with a sense of purpose, ever reflecting

Your heart was purer than gold, most loved by Ar-Rahman1

Hair, neither curly nor straight, as black as they come

Medium in stature, neither tall nor short

Full of life and light, yours was an appearance that was compelling

To those blessed to set their gaze upon you

And to those yearning for a glimpse in their dreams.


They say your smile lit any space you entered,

Forcing eyes to be downcast because of its brilliance.

How much would we give, to see your smile!

A radiant smile that can only come from a radiant soul,

Kindness and mercy were part of your demeanor

Beloved of Allah, you dealt with people in an exalted manner,

Exemplifying the essence of piety

Always teaching, forever loving

Not a soul came to you, but was enriched and cherished

Never having left your side feeling unwanted.


Challenges came to you, as with your brothers, the prophets of before

with a smile you bore it with strength, your heart turned to the Source of Peace

From Mecca to Taif, an outcast did they make you

Hurtful words surrounded you, family abandoned you with no shame

Allah was your pillar; on Him was your unwavering trust

Pelted with stones, feet bleeding from your escape

Mourning the loss of your beloved Khadija, a woman like no other

Surely did an angel come to put power in your hand

Let the mountain collapse on those who transgressed against you!

Those persecuting you and your companions,

Killing and torturing them ruthlessly, for following His way.

The weight of belief in your hearts

Was too mighty of a power for them to contend

But surely you did not take your right, Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin2

Mercy and compassion did you choose, to guide to His Light


A honorable man indeeed, chosen by the Most High

Carrying the weight of a mighty task

Hearts and souls united, on a straightened path

You taught us love and submission, obedience to Allah Almighty

Praying till feet were swollen, ever mindful of your blessings

As the love of al Wadud3 coursed through your veins,

Shall I not be ‘abdan shakura4 you would humbly state.

Crying for the nation entrusted to you

My ummah! My ummah!,5 your tears and duas6 reached the heavens

Surrounded by beloved companions, stars for us to follow

You would yearn to meet your brothers of generations to come

Those who believed in you, without seeing you

Who took your message and spread it just the same

Believers who love you, and stand for your honor till this very day


Values of piety did you teach mankind

To protect the orphans and guard their rights

Honor your neighbors and stand firmly for justice

Let no man cause enmity between you, you advised

Lower your wing of humility to the womb that bore you

For verily, Paradise is under her feet

Love your father and guard your tongues

Let no man pass you without giving a smile

For even a smile is considered an act of charity

Share your food, give of your wealth and pray tahajjud

Be neither extravagant nor miserly in your ways

A balanced and humble path is what you sought


Connecting softened hearts, brotherhood was what you taught

Preferring others over your nafs was surely your way

No man is better than another, except in piety you would exclaim

For Allah scans our heart, not the color of our skins

Spread the salaam7 and give women their rights

Strive for Jannah8 , be sincere indeed

And know that to Allah is your final return


Never could you imagine, the magnitude of our love

For the man whose love saved us from ourselves.

You are a gift from the King and you we emulate

Mighty was your reach, for it was hearts and minds you conquered

You were destined for greatness, though you were but a man

And to Allah you returned, at rest at last

Free from the turmoils and hardships you endured

The darkness has been lifted, the hearts warmed

For the path to Him has been illuminated

You completed your mission, on us is the burden now

We bear witness to your message, delivered in excellence


The Sahaba9 wept for the Prophet who lived amongst them

We weep for the Beloved we never met

We weep for the Seal of Prophets, Muhammad ibn Abdullah

To be loved by a man whose loved by Ar Rahman,

Our eyes overflow with tears, our chest expands

Wait for us ya Rasullah,10 wait for us Habibuna ya Khalil-ul-Allah11

Salalahu ‘ala nabiyana Muhammad12


Salalahu ‘ala nabiyana Muhammad



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