Poetry & Fiction Prayer With the Divine



By Musa Burki


As we rise in the morning

Our souls possess a yearning

To fill our hearts with spiritual light

Kneeling as a humble servant in His sight


The dawn rings out a peaceful solitude

Rising from our slumber to show gratitude

Revealed words which emanate from the heart

A beautiful ritual for our day to start


Standing before Him in all His glory

While He encompasses our entire life story

Pleading and begging for a measure of grace

As we wipe the tears from our face


Prostrating and bowing in complete humility

Desiring to feel the mercy and tranquility

Releasing our fears and anxiety

Increasing us in our level of piety

We feel the trembling of our soul as it’s shaken

As the wind and the sun begin to awaken

Completing our spiritual practice at the start of day

Asking for our Lord to light the way


A wonderful contentment rests in our spirit

Obeying the call to prayer as we hear it

Our day can now begin with clarity and peace

Hoping that our love for Him willincrease.


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Guest Authors

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