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  • Asslamu Alikum,
    May Allah (swt) give us the taufeeq and guidance to see this as a problem and rectify it. This is a major issue which is not in the limelight and is destroying individual’s lives. Lets us learn our deen and not be just Muslims by name but rather by actions.

  • Salaam’Alaykum!

    Ameen to the dua!

    This was a clearly defined and illustrated issue. I had one question though, as it was reaching it’s end. I come from an Indian family (myself born and raised in Saudi Arabia). I have many a cousins who face this problem and our parents do not come from a very strong English speaking background, despite being well educated in general. Culture does take precedance in many aspects (especially marriage) over religion, sadly. Would you have any suggestions on how one appeases their state, if their parents are the kind to force them into such marriages? For example, one is being forced to say yes to a marriage which they do not wish to be in. They having heard this lecture and knowing their Islamic rights have the ability to say, no… how do they fix the situation they still remain in with the parents who fail to take away anything from this lecture? Perhaps these topics that are SO essential to us as families need to be just as beautifully be made and shared in urdu and punjabi and other languages that would be more beneficial in taking the message to the source of this problem insha’Allah. This is my view, but I ofcourse don’t have the means to make this happen. Perhaps those of you out there who are doing the wonderful job of making all these videos, taking the time out to speak and share can find a way of reaching out to the parents who will be better benefited when they hear this in a language they better understand, insha’Allah…

    JazakAllah khayr for sharing…


  • They may have the Islamic right to say no but it is their responsibility to say no according to justified reasons. A justified reason could be that the man does not have an actual plan to provide for the daughter or his piety seems off-putting. However, it is not a justified reason to reject his proposal because he has a physical disability or a difference ethnicity. If the reasoning is found to be unjustified, the daughter does not need to obey her parents, especially when you know they prioritize culture over Islam.

    • Salam.
      I think you mean ‘Justified’ instead of unjustified in the last sentence, don’t mean to be pain or anything just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea


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