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How to Organize a Local Qiyam #GlobalQiyam4Syria

salat-pictures1VirtualMosque.com and Ella Collins Institute have partnered together to call for a Global Qiyam for the people of Syria. We are asking you to organize a local qiyam program to pray for the people of Syria on Friday, May 17.

What is a qiyam? 

Qiyam is an extra prayer offered after Isha at night. During the witr du`a, one is able to ask God to assist and liberate the people of Syria. If prayed in congregation, everyone is able to share the same call, begging Allah to shower His Mercy and Aid upon the Syrian people.

Where do we start?

As an individual or group of motivated people, you can easily plan a qiyam program that will bring the community together to pray. It’s crucial to understand the importance of organizing such an event. “This global event may not go down in the history books, but we pray it goes down in something even more valuable: our records of deeds. We pray that Allah showers the earth with His angels on that Friday, and that they find worshipers crying in sincere prayer.” – Imam Suhaib Webb

Here are some basic steps that will help you in organizing the qiyam:

1. Contact your local Mosque and/or Organization

Your local mosque, MSA (Muslim Student Association), or community organization may not be aware of the #GlobalQiyam4Syria. Speak with them about the qiyam and encourage them to participate. Be courteous while communicating with them and respect any protocols they have for planning such events. Work with them to plan the event and mobilize others in the community to help.

2. Organize the logistics of the event

Depending on the size of your qiyam, you should consider setting a schedule for the event, assigning a moderator who will speak on the microphone (MC), finding someone to lead the prayers, inviting a speaker to share some thoughts, and coordinating refreshments/snacks for attendees. You might also want to designate someone ahead of time to take photographs to share with others.

Make it a priority to educate attendees and anyone involved in the planning of the qiyam about the situation in Syria. Read about the dire situation and the amount of people killed and displaced. Sharing information about the situation will further their knowledge on what’s happening in Syria and will inshaAllah make their du`a’ more heartfelt and sincere.

3. Outreach to your friends and members of the community

Spread the word about the #GlobalQiyam4Syria. You can reach the largest number of people at the click of a button: make phone calls, send text messages, and send emails to everyone you know. You can also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can create an event on Facebook, change your cover picture and/or profile picture, and spread information about the situation in Syria through sharing articles, pictures, or facts. You can Instagram the flyer for your local qiyam and use the #GlobalQiyam4Syria hashtag. You can also send tweets to friends encouraging them to attend the event and spread facts about Syria using the #GlobalQiyam4Syria hashtag. Try asking local organizations and mosques if they can advertise the event using their announcement email lists or Facebook pages. Mosques and organizations can also share reminders about the qiyam after prayers and classes.

4. Share your photos

After the qiyam, be sure to share photos of the event through social media to raise awareness of the plight of the Syrian people. Share your picture and reflections on your personal blog, Facebook account, Twitter, and Instagram with the #GlobalQiyam4Syria hashtag. Be sure to also post them on the VirtualMosque.com Facebook page. We hope that your pictures will reach the Syrian people and show them that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Your photos might also encourage members of your community to organize future qiyams and events for Syria.

5. Make du`a’ (supplication)

Always be sure to renew your intentions and remind yourself that all success comes from Allah (subhana wa ta`ala – exalted is He). Ask Allah to accept your efforts and accept the du`a’ of the qiyam attendees. While you’re planning the qiyam, keep your lips busy with the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah. Don’t get too caught up in the logistics of the event and forget the main purpose of the event: praying of the people of Syria. This should be happening during all stages of the qiyam planning, throughout the qiyam, and continue after the event.

How do we enter our community to win the Ella Collins Institute weekend seminar?

As an added bonus, VirtualMosque.com and Ella Collins Institute will be offering an all-expenses paid weekend seminar featuring Imam Suhaib Webb and Imam Ibrahim Rahim to the community that mobilizes the most attendees at the Global Qiyam! Stay tuned for more information on how to enter your community to win. On Wednesday, we will be posting that information on VirtualMosque.com and the Global Qiyam for Syria facebook page insha’Allah.

Have more tips on how to organize a qiyam? 

Post a comment below to help others! We’d love to hear how you plan your qiyam and encourage people to attend.

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  • Assalamualaikum
    Congratulations for such a great idea. May Allah accept this effort. We will organize a small scale qiyam at home for Syria on Friday too insyaa Allah. I would like to know, how many rakaat do you intend to do during the qiyam?

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