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With Ramadan estimated to commence on the 18th June, 2015, millions of Muslims around the world are preparing for their annual ritual of devoting a month to worship Allah and fast from dawn to sunset. Ramadan is a time for Muslims to take stock of how they are living and aim to increase their spirituality. However with fasts now lasting up to 18 hours long, Ramadan can be an enduring challenge for the mind and body.

A team of talented friends formed a UK tech start-up, Ramadan Legacy, to help Muslims around the world with their fasting experience. The Ramadan Legacy team have built one of the most interactive and informative mobile applications for the holy month. The Ramadan Legacy App provides a daily step-by-step guide for Muslims, a live stream of Ramadan experiences around the world, the ability to journal your daily experience and motivate your friends through sending positive notifications. The app aims to enhance your experience of Ramadan through combining smart technology and beautiful design with spirituality and learning, all to help you organise your worship to make Ramadan easy and enjoyable.

The idea for Ramadan Legacy came in 2014 when the founder, Shahbaz Mirza, launched an online book called the Ramadan Action Plan that received tens of thousands of downloads. Shahbaz commented that, “In 2015, our challenge was to digitise a month that is over 1,400 years old and simplify Ramadan for Muslims across the world. Muslims are turning to their smartphones for guidance and connectivity. Ramadan Legacy provides an authentic and seamless way to enhance and capture your annual Ramadan experience”.

youtube-1280x720Mobile App Features: The Ramadan app is centred on a Muslim’s experience of fasting in the holy month. The app begins by asking you what your personal aspirations are for Ramadan and in turn the app will encourage you to achieve them through inspirational reminders. It provides a daily step-by-step action plan, which allows the user to record daily worshipping activities such as reading the Qur’an, daily prayers and learning short authentic verses of Islamic knowledge to encourage learning on the go. The app also features a knowledge library packed full of valuable guides allowing users to go through a learning experience if this is their first Ramadan.

The team has taken the user experience a step further through developing a feature that captures all of your activity and creates your own personal Ramadan Legacy Timeline; this is a visual representation of your Ramadan achievements over time allowing you to look back to see how your spirituality has flourished from the journey of one Ramadan to the next. The Ramadan Legacy team commented that, “We wanted to build a way in which Muslims could remember the best part of themselves and remain positive about their faith, allowing them to continue the blessings of Ramadan throughout time”.

The app is in full English and has been designed for teenagers, young adults and families. It is available for free on the Apple and Android Store. The app is also available as a free printable book version from the website for those who love pen and paper.

The team are also working hard on future app and tech ideas built around the Muslim lifestyle with a desire to create beautiful and unique interactive learning experiences for Muslims around the world.

Please visit for more on the Ramadan Legacy App including videos, screenshots and the story behind this new interactive tool.

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