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16 Lessons From 6-Month-Old Parents

By Marwa Aly and Ahmed Eid

1. You don’t need a ridiculous amount of money saved in order to have a child. Allah opened many doors for us right after our daughter was born; this has been observed by many other parents as well.

2. It is not socially acceptable to describe the size or consistency of your baby’s dirty diaper in public.

3. Parenting while plugged in is an oxymoron. We’ve been trying to be mindful of how often we are with our child physically, but not mentally. Children will know that they will soon be competing with these devices for your attention.

4. Let grandparents be grandparents. No matter how much you’ve worked at de-cluttering your apartment, be ready for the onslaught once the grandparents come to visit with gifts and remember to thank them with a genuine smile.

5. Children have a curiosity about the world around them that we somehow lost as we grew older. From observing their own hands in wonder to feeling the texture of new food, babies teach us to find the extraordinary in our everyday happenings.

6. You don’t need as much sleep as you think you need.

7. A child will bring you more happiness than you ever imagined, and test your patience reserves beyond what you ever expected. Remember to ask Allah for help.

8.  When compiling a baby registry, do not listen to any of the retail staff. All a newborn really needs are a couple of onesies, diapers, a blanket, and lots of love.

9. You will receive unwarranted advice. Learn to say thank you and trust your instincts.

10. Even if you think what you are recording on video is uneventful, you’ll find a reason to laugh when you re-watch it later.

11. You will no longer own any clean clothes. Laundry triples when having a child. What’s a little spit up between you and your child anyway?

12. The treadmill works wonders for putting babies to sleep.

13. Babies don’t care about $500 strollers, name-brand clothing, or chew toys that talk back. They definitely won’t remember them either.

14. Just as babies need parents to guide them, we need Allah to guide us.

15. Baby feet are awesome, even if they sometimes smell like vinegar.

16. Thank you mom and dad.

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  • am smiling from ear to ear due to the wonderful, heart-warming list mashAllah! thank you! note to self: try to snap a baby-feet photo as cute as this one inshAllah =)

      • wow this is something that i should try..i almost dont have time to workout after i gave birth..this is a good idea..thanks 🙂

  • this article is a nice reminder not only to new parents about the bountiful blessings kids brings but also to couples who thought they had been through with becoming parents again. thanks for reminding parents that no matter how experienced you get with wrapping up those soft bums or burping your chubby monster, everytime you get cold feet and think that you would not be able to share your unfettered love.

  • Assalamu Alaykum,

    Good Article!
    Children dont just ‘see’ their parents, they ‘WATCH’ them, observing their every word & action.

    Indeed, it is Allah azwajal who provides for parents as well as their children.

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