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Sign the Petition: Condemn the Gaza Flotilla Massacre

Update: Petition is closed and signatures have been sent to the White House!

31208_398566721021_533646021_4729907_4922354_nLast night, the Israeli Army attacked a convoy of ships destined to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. The six boats included over 600 peace activists from over 50 nations and 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid. In the aftermath of the attack, estimates of ten to twenty internationalists were murdered and at least 50 were wounded. Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla in international water amounts to an act of war and should be condemned by all of mankind. The humanitarian workers and peace activists were merely attempting to break Israel’s illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip and delivering thousands of much-needed assistance.

While Israel maintains that it has disengaged from the Gaza Strip in 2005, its attack on defenseless civilians in international water attests to Israel’s continued occupation of Gaza. Further, Israel has exposed its commitment, or lack thereof, of peace and a viable solution for the Palestinian people. Too long have we placed faith in this allusive peace process which promises justice for the Palestinians.

It is time that our elected officials condemn this Gaza flotilla massacre, but withhold all military financing of Israel until Israel actually shows a commitment to non-violence and peace.

Take action and make your voices heard:

1. Sign the Petition:

2. Tell your family and friends to sign the Petition.

3. Contact President Barack Obama directly.
Call: 202-456-1111

4. Contact your local elected representatives.

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